A Taiwanese Drama About Food and Friendship— The Late Night Stop|EP80|小站 深夜食堂|Midnight Diner (2023)


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The Late Night Stop --A Heartwarming Taiwanese Drama About Food and Friendship
What is the meaning behind a restaurant that only opens at midnight? It is a warm place located in a quiet corner of the city that provides you with your favorite food and someone willing to listen, so you won't feel lonely anymore. This show tells small stories that happen in big cities, where the warmth of the food becomes a part of your memories.
【Starring】 Tanaka Chie, Bokeh Kosang, Kao Ying Hsuan, Na Jack

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Can we make it? It's too late, My lotus, root, roasted pork cake with green onion, and meat, tea, soup., And meat, tea, soup.

It's, a complete set.

The first group of Marines to cross the border.

They were all killed.


Guess he couldn't be located.

He's, just a..

His paintings are not bound by any framework.

There is no set purpose for wanting to paint.

He has no reasoning, No.



He was very critical of all.

This He was very dismissive of His style.

His style is always from the way he dresses is the use of color, and everything is very bold.

He is completely unconventional A person who is not bound by any worldly constraints.

But his inner feelings are obviously very fragile.

What is this? Yes.

What is this? Yes,? What is this? This is..

A wheelbarrow.

You learned from me.

I said it first., I just haven't said it yet Turtle roast Lotus root, pan-fried Ear cake, Meat, Soup Didn't, you say You said you had a radio for me, Yes, yes, I.

Have it with me, I'll, take it out! Wait, a minute! Radio Antenna Cover Battery Take these pieces of junk I've been searching for a long time.

This battery The one I threw away was newer than yours.

Really? This one..

Is this..


You have it? Do, you have it? Can, this be used?.


You can listen to two channels.

I want to listen to 98 channels.

I can only listen to two channels.


Chen You are a very professional painter.

From, your eyes.

You can see Ye Qingfang How.

Would you position his artistic achievements or his artistic skills? Generally speaking, He is a very innocent artist of the common people.

He was not trained by the academy.

He painted his intuition.

His feelings He painted it out So, his style.

His colors is what he wants Because.

He studied photography himself So in this field, In terms of composition, in terms of the whole performance, It's, no problem for him.

As far as you are concerned, Under the least outrageous circumstances, Ye Qingfang.

What do you think is his greatest regret in life? What is his biggest regret? He was exposed to alcohol too.

Early He also knew that drinking was bad.

He also knows that he needs to drink good wine.

He also knows that the quality of life should be improved But.

He couldn't do anything about it.

At the end of the night When.

He was drinking at the duck flat downstairs from me.

Then, he said to me: Mr.

Chen Can, you buy me a bottle of sorghum wine? I had a hard time telling him This may be your last bottle Because when I saw him, I saw him, and my whole voice was gone.

I only saw his back.

I took a bottle of sorghum wine, And I wandered home.

The next morning, something happened.

Grandpa! Grandpa! Look.

This is a big table.

I've been looking for it for a long time, What? A, chariot? No.

What chariot? The radio Don't you want.

One? It's too heavy, I can't lift it No, I'll help you carry it back.

This one is cool.

It's hard to find.

It has a surround sound system., No, no, no.

I know this show It's all on Thursday at 3pm I'm, not even at the store at that time.


How do you know so much? You're, a loyal listener and a fan Grandpa! You're, a monkey boy.

You're, not nice.


Why are you acting so strange, today? If one day you have a friend.

Drinking for 20 years., He gets drunk every day.


He dies in front of your house.

Spitting blood, all over your body, I'll see if you can laugh, but you can't Grandpa Why.

Are you talking about this? All of a sudden? No..

I'm smoking.

There are a lot of questions.

There's, even a fire! I think I'll be scared to death by you Every time, I pass by the door of The Late Night Stop I, look through the window and see inside Ye Qingfang's painting I always felt that I had missed him.

But Yip Ching-fong is also using that painting to remind me Perhaps in our lives, Every minute and every second of the next moment by moment.

We are still capable of We should also ask questions.

Our life How.

Did we get to this point? Why? Why?, Why?, Good, night, everyone.

I, don't understand any of the rhetoric.

What? How do I know? You sleep.

You sleep.

Grandpa,? What are you doing? Here? I, never thought I would go to the grocery store and buy my own food.


Then I thought of a menu and cooked it.

Sister Jun You didn't come back here to experience the Late Night Stop life, did you? You didn't come back here to experience, The Late Night Stop, did you? Then.

Did you come back to hear about my..

I haven't listened to someone's heart for a long time.

It's been a long time since I've listened to someone's heart.


Do I always feel like You came to The Late Night Stop for revenge.



What you said.

What really brings you pain..


The only thing that brings you emotion.

Do, you remember? But..

Thank, you for reminding me of my childhood.

I remembered..

My father, who was always disappearing.

And that one..

Mom, who was always making up stories.

I, remembered So I still have feelings, It's dawn and the day is over.


Could it be so soon? "what happened, afterwards" The cake of lotus root, It's my Sister That's, the last one The lotus root cake is mine, But I, think I think this should be called Deep-fried lotus root with green meat.

It's too long.

It's called lotus root.


No, I'll stick with lotus root, pan-fried.

Lotus root, balls.

Lotus root, fried sounds better.

Right? This is the last plate.

No more Lotus root, MY GOD Give me one more My I also want This.

Is mine, Don't be so stingy.

Give me one No, don't! You're stingy You can't eat them.


Hey, Mom., It's, me.

Are, you okay?, No..

I'm, fine., It's just..

I, suddenly remembered when I was little.

You told me the story of the three little pigs.

And finally, the third piglet.

What happened to it? I forgot.

Han, Tian, Look.

The sky is so blue after the rain.


Are you going? You must remember I'm.

Just like my name.

I'll become a cloud in the sky.

I'll, always be there.

Translated by Studio886 Translated by:XXX.

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