Can-Am Fault Code List [+ How to Read and Clear Them] | (2023)

When your Can-Am has a malfunction, it typically causes the check engine light to flash. Besides this flashing light, the fault is described by an alphanumeric fault code that can be read on the dashboard. However, with a special scanner tool like B.U.D.S. or CanDooPro, you can find out more about the malfunction and its service recommendation.

If you want to find out how to read and clear Can-Am fault codes, you’ve come to the right place.

We at PowerSportsGuide have compiled everything you need to know under one roof including the official Can-Am fault codes list!

Modern powersport vehicles are equipped with advanced electronics and monitoring systems, and Can-Ams are no exception.

When a malfunction occurs, the main computer (ECM) turns on the check engine light and also starts a beeper to inform you of a particular condition. Besides these signals, faults are often described with a specific fault code which is stored in the computer’s memory.

As the name suggests, a fault code is an indication that the monitoring system has detected a malfunction. On modern Can-Ams, fault codes are five-digit alphanumeric codes that identify particular problems.

They are often referred to as error codes, flashing codes, or diagnostic codes.

To be more precise, there are two different types of fault codes used on Can-Ams.

The P-codes (PXXXX) refer to power train and related system malfunctions, while U-codes (UXXXX) point to communication faults.

The codes can be generated and stored by both the ECM and the multifunctional gauge. The latter produces the majority of U-codes, while P-codes are generated mainly by the ECM.

Thanks to the advanced technology of Can-Ams, every fault code is stored in the memory even if the battery is completely drained or disconnected.

On the other hand, fault codes don’t appear automatically on the dashboard. This means that you have to press a button combination or attach a diagnostic tool to the vehicle to read the codes.

You can read the fault codes on a Can-An vehicle by following these simple steps:

Based on their state we can distinguish active, occurred, and inactive fault codes. Are you wondering what the differences are?

Unfortunately, the multifunction gauge can only display active fault codes without any additional information.

If you want to find out more about the nature of the malfunction or list the occurred fault codes, you will need a special diagnostic tool (a.k.a. Can-Am fault code reader).

These diagnostic or scanner tools do the same job as OBD-2 scanners, but they are specifically designed for BPR-related products like Can-Ams, Ski-Doos, and Sea-Doos.

The most well-known Can-Am diagnostic tool is arguably the OEM BRP diagnostic kit. This package includes the exclusive B.U.S.D. (BPR Utility and Diagnostic Software) along with the required interface and diagnostic cables.

This diagnostic software has to be installed on a computer upfront. Once it’s done, you can connect it to the Can Am’s diagnostic port via the interface and the cables.

The key advantage of this software is that it can provide detailed information about the nature of the fault along with the required service actions. It can also be used to clear “stuck” fault codes or to run various diagnostics on the engine.

An aftermarket alternative for the OEM B.U.D.S. is the lesser-known CanDooPro.

Contrary to its name, this diagnostic scanner is compatible with not only BPR products but many other brands of powersport vehicles like Yamaha WaveRunners and Kawasaki Jet Skis.

The only drawback of these tools is they have fairly high purchase prices.

But without these tools, the only way to dig into the diagnostics of your vehicle is to take it to a dealer. And as we know, visits to the dealer are never cheap.

So, it’s always a good idea to invest in a diagnostic tool, especially if you maintain your Can-Am yourself or have more than one power toy.

The diagnostic port on Can-Ams is typically mounted on the side of the ECM box. On Can-Am UTVs this black plastic box usually can be found under the center dashboard access panel or under the glove box lid. In contrast, on Can-Am ATVs the ECM box and the diagnostic port are often hidden under one of the side panels.

Contrary to popular belief, Can-Ams don’t feature OBD-2 diagnostic ports since this standard is reserved for on-road vehicles.

The diagnostic port of Can-Ams is only compatible with a few special scanners, the BRP-exclusive B.U.D.S. and the more versatile CanDooPro.

As a rule of thumb, the fault code should disappear from the gauge automatically once the fault is eliminated. If not, you can clear fault codes on a Can-Am with a scanner tool like B.U.D.S. or CandooPro.

Before you do this, make sure that you’ve fixed the malfunction and that the vehicle works properly!

Your other option is to take your machine to an authorized dealer. However, note that many Can-Am dealers only clear error codes if they have repaired the machine in order to avoid future misunderstandings.

Just like fault codes, the check engine light should also disappear once you’ve fixed the fault. If the fault codes have gone but the light is still flashing for some reason, try to disconnect the battery for a few minutes and then reconnect it. If that doesn’t help, check the vehicle with a diagnostic tool or take it to a dealer.

For your convenience, we’ve listed official Can-Am fault codes in one chart. These codes can be applied to many modern Can-Am ATVs and UTVs, but the exact list may vary by model.

Therefore, please use this list for informational purposes only. To interpret the exact code and get more information please refer to your vehicle’s service manual, or contact an authorized Can-Am dealer.

P0500Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Error
P0501Vehicle Speed Sensor Range/Perf
P0502Vehicle Speed Sensor Lo Input
P0503Vehicle Speed Sensor Noisy
P0504Brake Switch A/B Correlation
P0505Idle Ctrl Sys Error
P0506Idle Ctrl Sys RPM Lower Than Expected
P0507Idle Ctrl Sys RPM Higher Than Expected
P0508Idle Ctrl Sys Circ Lo
P0509Idle Ctrl Sys Circ Hi
P0510Closed Throttle Pos Switch Error
P0511Idle Air Ctrl Circ
P0512Starter Request Circ
P0513Incorrect Immobilizer Key
P0514Battery Temp Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0515Battery Temp Sensor Circ
P0516Battery Temp Sensor Circ Lo
P0517Battery Temp Sensor Circ Hi
P0518Idle Air Ctrl Circ Interm
P0519Idle Air Ctrl Sys Perf
P0520Eng Oil Pres Sensor/Switch Circ Error
P0521Eng Oil Pres Sensor/Switch Circ Range/Perf
P0522Eng Oil Pres Sensor/Switch Circ Lo Voltage
P0523Eng Oil Pres Sensor/Switch Circ Hi Voltage
P0524Eng Oil Pres Too Lo
P0525Cruise Ctrl Servo Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0526Fan Speed Sensor Circ
P0527Fan Speed Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0528Fan Speed Sensor Circ No Signal
P0529Fan Speed Sensor Circ Interm
P0530A/C Refrigerant Pres Sensor Circ Error
P0531A/C Refrigerant Pres Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0532A/C Refrigerant Pres Sensor Circ Lo Input
P0533A/C Refrigerant Pres Sensor Circ Hi Input
P0534Air Conditioner Refrigerant Charge Loss
P0535A/C Evaporator Temp Sensor Circ
P0536A/C Evaporator Temp Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0537A/C Evaporator Temp Sensor Circ Low
P0538A/C Evaporator Temp Sensor Circ High
P0539A/C Evaporator Temp Sensor Circ Interm
P0540Manifold Intake Air Heater Circ
P0541Manifold Intake Air Heater Circ Lo
P0542Manifold Intake Air Heater Circ Hi
P0543Intake Air Heater A Circ Open
P0544EGT Sensor Circ bank1
P0545EGT Sensor Circ Lo bank1
P0546EGT Sensor Circ Hi bank1
P0547EGT Sensor Circ bank2
P0548EGT Sensor Circ Lo bank2
P0549EGT Sensor Circ Hi bank2
P0550Power Steering Pres Sensor Circ Error
P0551Power Steering Pres Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0552Power Steering Pres Sensor Circ Lo Input
P0553Power Steering Pres Sensor Circ Hi Input
P0554Power Steering Pres Sensor Circ Interm
P0555Brake Booster Press Sensor Circ
P0556Brake Booster Press Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0557Brake Booster Press Sensor Circ Low Input
P0558Brake Booster Press Sensor Circ High Input
P0559Brake Booster Press Sensor Circ Interm
P0560Sys Voltage Error
P0561Sys Voltage Unstable
P0562Sys Voltage Lo
P0563Sys Voltage Hi
P0564Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input Signal
P0565Cruise Ctrl ON Signal Error
P0566Cruise Ctrl OFF Signal Error
P0567Cruise Ctrl RESUME Signal Error
P0568Cruise Ctrl SET Signal Error
P0569Cruise Ctrl COAST Signal Error
P0570Cruise Ctrl ACCEL Signal Error
P0571Cruise Ctrl/Brake Switch A Circ Fail
P0572Cruise Ctrl/Brake Switch A Circ Lo
P0573Cruise Ctrl/Brake Switch A Circ Hi
P0574Cruise Ctrl Sys Vehicle Speed Too Hi
P0575Cruise Ctrl Input Circ
P0576Cruise Ctrl Input Circ Lo
P0577Cruise Ctrl Input Circ Hi
P0578Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input A Circ Stuck
P0579Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input A Circ Range/Perf
P0580Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input A Circ Low
P0581Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input A Circ High
P0582Cruise Ctrl Vacuum Ctrl Circ/Open
P0583Cruise Ctrl Vacuum Ctrl Circ Low
P0584Cruise Ctrl Vacuum Ctrl Circ High
P0585Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input A/B Correlation
P0586Cruise Ctrl Vent Ctrl Circ/Open
P0587Cruise Ctrl Vent Ctrl Circ Low
P0588Cruise Ctrl Vent Ctrl Circ High
P0589Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input B Circ
P0590Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input B Circ Stuck
P0591Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input B Circ Range/Perf
P0592Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input B Circ Low
P0593Cruise Ctrl Multi-Func Input B Circ High
P0594Cruise Ctrl Servo Ctrl Circ/Open
P0595Cruise Ctrl Servo Ctrl Circ Low
P0596Cruise Ctrl Servo Ctrl Circ High
P0597Thermostat Heater Ctrl Circ/Open
P0598Thermostat Heater Ctrl Circ Low
P0599Thermostat Heater Ctrl Circ High
P0600Serial Comms Link Error
P0601Internal Ctrl Mod Memory Check Sum Error
P0602Ctrl Mod Programming Error
P0603Internal Ctrl Mod KAM Error
P0604Internal Ctrl Mod RAM Error
P0605Internal Ctrl Mod ROM Error
P0606PCM Processor Fault
P0607Powertrain Ctrl Mod Perf
P0608Powertrain Ctrl Mod VSS Output A Error
P0609Powertrain Ctrl Mod VSS Output B Error
P0610Powertrain Ctrl Mod Vehicle Options Error
P0611Fuel Injector Ctrl Mod Perf
P0612Fuel Injector Ctrl Mod Ctrl Circ
P0613TCM Processor
P0614ECM / TCM Incompatible
P0615Starter Relay Circ
P0616Starter Relay Circ Lo
P0617Starter Relay Circ Hi
P0618Alternative Fuel Ctrl Mod KAM Error
P0619Alternative Fuel Ctrl Mod RAM/ROM Error
P0620Generator Ctrl Circ Error
P0621Generator Lamp L Ctrl Circ Error
P0622Generator Field F Ctrl Circ Error
P0623Generator Lamp Ctrl Circ Error
P0624Fuel Cap Lamp Ctrl Circ Error
P0625Generator Field/F Terminal Circ Low
P0626Generator Field/F Terminal Circ High
P0627Fuel Pump A Ctrl Circ /Open
P0628Fuel Pump A Ctrl Circ Low
P0629Fuel Pump A Ctrl Circ High
P0630VIN Not Programmed/Mismatch-ECM/PCM
P0631VIN Not Programmed/Mismatch-TCM
P0632Odometer Not Programmed-ECM/PCM
P0633Immobilizer Key Not Programmed-ECM/PCM
P0634PCM/ECM/TCM Internal Temp Too High
P0635Power Steering Ctrl Circ
P0636Power Steering Ctrl Circ Lo
P0637Power Steering Ctrl Circ Hi
P0638Throttle Actuator Ctrl Range/Perf bank1
P0639Throttle Actuator Ctrl Range/Perf bank2
P0640Manifold Intake Air Heater Ctrl Circ
P0641Sensor Ref Voltage A Circ/Open
P0642Sensor Ref Voltage A Circ Low
P0643Sensor Ref Voltage A Circ High
P0644Driver Display Serial Comm Circ
P0645A/C Clutch Relay Ctrl Circ
P0646A/C Clutch Relay Ctrl Circ Lo
P0647A/C Clutch Relay Ctrl Circ Hi
P0648Immobilizer Lamp Ctrl Circ
P0649Cruise Ctrl Lamp Ctrl Circ
P0650Error Indicator Lamp (MIL) Ctrl Circ Error
P0651Sensor Ref Voltage B Circ/Open
P0652Sensor Ref Voltage B Circ Low
P0653Sensor Ref Voltage B Circ High
P0654Eng RPM Output Circ Error
P0655Eng Hot Lamp Output Ctrl Circ MalFunc
P0656Fuel Level Output Circ Error
P0657Actuator Supply Voltage A Circ/Open
P0658Actuator Supply Voltage A Circ Low
P0659Actuator Supply Voltage A Circ High
P0660Intake Manif Tuning Valve Ctrl Circ bank1
P0661Intake Manif Tuning Valve Ctrl Circ Lo bank1
P0662Intake Manif Tuning Valve Ctrl Circ Hi bank1
P0663Intake Manif Tuning Valve Ctrl Circ bank2
P0664Intake Manif Tuning Valve Ctrl Circ Lo bank2
P0665Intake Manif Tuning Valve Ctrl Circ Hi bank2
P0666Cruise ‘On Signal Error
P0667Cruise ‘Resume’ Signal Error
P0668Cruise Set’ Signal Error
P0669Cruise Coast’ Signal Error
P0670Glow plug Ctrl Circ Error
P0671Glow plug #1 Circ failure
P0672Glow plug #2 Circ failure
P0673Glow plug #3 Circ failure
P0674Glow plug #4 Circ failure
P0675Glow plug #5 Circ failure
P0676Glow plug #6 Circ failure
P0677Glow plug #7 Circ failure
P0678Glow plug #8 Circ failure
P0679Reserve for future Glow plug #9
P0680Reserve for future Glow plug #10
P0681Reserve for future Glow plug #11
P0682Reserve for future Glow plug #12
P0683Glow Plug Ctrl Mod to PCM Comm Circ
P0684Glow Plug Ctrl Mod to PCM Comm Circ Range/Perf
P0685ECM/PCM Power Relay Ctrl Circ /Open
P0686ECM/PCM Power Relay Ctrl Circ Low
P0687ECM/PCM Power Relay Ctrl Circ High
P0688ECM/PCM Power Relay Sense Circ /Open
P0689ECM/PCM Power Relay Sense Circ Low
P0690ECM/PCM Power Relay Sense Circ High
P0691Fan 1 Ctrl Circ Low
P0692Fan 1 Ctrl Circ High
P0693Fan 2 Ctrl Circ Low
P0694Fan 2 Ctrl Circ High
P0695Fan 3 Ctrl Circ Low
P0696Fan 3 Ctrl Circ High
P0697Sensor Ref Voltage C Circ/Open
P0698Sensor Ref Voltage C Circ Low
P0699Sensor Ref Voltage C Circ High
P0700Tran Ctrl Sys Error
P0701Tran Ctrl Sys Range/Perf
P0702Tran Ctrl Sys Electrical
P0703Brake Switch B Circ Error
P0704Clutch Pedal Pos Switch Input Circ Error
P0705Tran Range Sensor Circ Error
P0706Tran Range Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0707Tran Range Sensor Circ Lo Input
P0708Tran Range Sensor Circ Hi Input
P0709Tran Range Sensor Circ Interm
P0710Tran Fluid Temp Sensor Circ Error
P0711Tran Fluid Temp Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0712Tran Fluid Temp Sensor CKT Lo Input
P0713Tran Fluid Temp Sensor CKT Hi Input
P0714Tran Fluid Temp Sensor Circ Interm
P0715Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circ Error
P0716Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0717Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circ No Signal
P0718Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circ Interm
P0719Torq Conv/Brake Switch B Circ Lo
P0720Output Speed Sensor Circ Error
P0721Output Speed Sensor Range/Perf
P0722Output Speed Sensor No Signal
P0723Output Speed Sensor Interm
P0724Torq Conv/Brake Switch B Circ Hi
P0725Eng Speed input Circ Error
P0726Eng Speed Input Circ Range/Perf
P0727Eng Speed Input Circ No Signal
P0728Eng Speed Input Circ Interm
P0729Gear 6 Incorrect Ratio
P0730Incorrect Gear Ratio
P0731Gear One Ratio Error
P0732Gear Two Ratio Error
P0733Gear Three Ratio Error
P0734Gear Four Ratio Error
P0735Gear Five Ratio Error
P0736Reverse Gear Ratio Error
P0737TCM Eng Speed Output Circ
P0738TCM Eng Speed Output Circ Lo
P0739TCM Eng Speed Output Circ Hi
P0740Torq Conv Clutch Circ MalFunc
P0741Torq Conv Clutch Circ Perf/Stuck Off
P0742Torq Conv Clutch Circ Stuck On
P0743Torq Conv Clutch Sys Electrical Failure
P0744Torq Conv Clutch Circ Interm
P0745Pres Ctrl Solenoid Error
P0746Pres Ctrl Solenoid Perf/Stuck Off
P0747Pres Ctrl Solenoid Stuck On
P0748Pres Ctrl Solenoid Electrical
P0749Pres Ctrl Solenoid Interm
P0750Shift Solenoid A Error
P0751Shift Solenoid A Perf/Stuck Off
P0752Shift Solenoid A Stuck On
P0753Shift Solenoid A Electrical
P0754Shift Solenoid A Interm
P0755Shift Solenoid B Error
P0756Shift Solenoid B Perf/Stuck Off
P0757Shift Solenoid B Stuck On
P0758Shift Solenoid B Electrical
P0759Shift Solenoid B Interm
P0760Shift Solenoid C Error
P0761Shift Solenoid C Perf/Stuck Off
P0762Shift Solenoid C Stuck On
P0763Shift Solenoid C Electrical
P0764Shift Solenoid C Interm
P0765Shift Solenoid D Error
P0766Shift Solenoid D Perf/Stuck Off
P0767Shift Solenoid D Stuck On
P0768Shift Solenoid D Electrical
P0769Shift Solenoid D Interm
P0770Shift Solenoid E Error
P0771Shift Solenoid E Perf/Stuck Off
P0772Shift Solenoid E Stuck On
P0773Shift Solenoid E Electrical
P0774Shift Solenoid E Interm
P0775Pres Ctrl Solenoid B
P0776Pres Ctrl Solenoid B Perf/Stuck Off
P0777Pres Ctrl Solenoid B Stuck On
P0778Pres Ctrl Solenoid B Electrical
P0779Pres Ctrl Solenoid B Interm
P0780Shift Error
P07811-2 Shift Error
P07822-3 Shift Error
P07833-4 Shift Error
P07844-5 Shift Error
P0785Shift/Timing Solenoid Error
P0786Shift/Timing Solenoid Range/Perf
P0787Shift/Timing Solenoid Lo
P0788Shift/Timing Solenoid Hi
P0789Shift/Timing Solenoid Interm
P0790Normal/Perf Switch Circ Error
P0791Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor Circ
P0792Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0793Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor Circ No Signal
P0794Intermediate Shaft Speed Sensor Circ Interm
P0795Pres Ctrl Solenoid C
P0796Pres Ctrl Solenoid C Perf/Stuck Off
P0797Pres Ctrl Solenoid C Stuck On
P0798Pres Ctrl Solenoid C Electrical
P0799Pres Ctrl Solenoid C Interm
P0800Transfer Case Ctrl Sys (MIL Request)
P0801Reverse Inhibit Ctrl Circ Error
P0802Trans Ctrl Sys MIL Request Circ/Open
P08031-4 Up shift (Skip Shift) Solenoid Ctrl Circ Error
P08041-4 Up shift (Skip Shift) Lamp Ctrl Circ Error
P0805Clutch Pos Sensor Circ
P0806Clutch Pos Sensor Circ Range/Perf
P0807Clutch Pos Sensor Circ Lo
P0808Clutch Pos Sensor Circ Hi
P0809Clutch Pos Sensor Circ Interm
P0810Clutch Pos Ctrl Error
P0811Excessive Clutch Slippage
P0812Reverse Input Circ
P0813Reverse Output Circ
P0814Tran Range Display Circ
P0815Up Shift Switch Circ
P0816Down shift Switch Circ
P0817Starter Disable Circ
P0818Driveline Disconnect Switch Input Circ
P0819Up and Down Shift Switch to Trans Range Correlation
P0820Gear Lever X-Y Pos Sensor Circ
P0821Gear Lever X Pos Sensor Circ
P0822Gear Lever Y Pos Sensor Circ
P0823Gear Lever X Pos Sensor Circ Interm
P0824Gear Lever Y Pos Sensor Circ Interm
P0825Gear Lever Push/Pull Switch Circ (Shift Anticipate)
P0826Up and Down Shift Switch Circ
P0827Up and Down Shift Switch Circ Low
P0828Up and Down Shift Switch Circ High
P08295-6 Shift
P0830Clutch Pedal Switch A Circ
P0831Clutch Pedal Switch A Circ Lo
P0832Clutch Pedal Switch A Circ Hi
P0833Clutch Pedal Switch B Circ
P0834Clutch Pedal Switch B Circ Lo
P0835Clutch Pedal Switch B Circ Hi
P08364WD Switch Circ
P08374WD Switch Circ Range/Perf
P08384WD Switch Circ Lo
P08394WD Switch Circ Hi
P0840Tran Fluid Pres Sensor/Switch A Circ
P0841Tran Fluid Pres Sensor/Switch A Circ Range/Perf
P0842Tran Fluid Pres Sensor/Switch A Circ Lo
P0843Tran Fluid Pres Sensor/Switch A Circ Hi
P0844Tran Fluid Pres Sensor/Switch A Circ Interm
P0845Tran Fluid Pres Sensor/Switch B Circ
P0846Tran Fluid Pres Sensor/Switch B Circ Range/Perf
P0847Tran Fluid Pres Sensor/Switch B Circ Lo
P0848Tran Fluid Pres Sensor/Switch B Circ Hi
P0849Tran Fluid Pres Sensor/Switch B Circ Interm
P0850Park/Neutral Switch Input Circ
P0851Park/Neutral Switch Input Circ Low
P0852Park/Neutral Switch Input Circ High
P0853Drive Switch Input Circ
P0854Drive Switch Input Circ Low
P0855Drive Switch Input Circ High
P0856Traction Ctrl Input Signal
P0857Traction Ctrl Input Signal Range/Perf
P0858Traction Ctrl Input Signal Low
P0859Traction Ctrl Input Signal High
P0860Gear Shift Mod Comm Circ
P0861Gear Shift Mod Comm Circ Low
P0862Gear Shift Mod Comm Circ High
P0863TCM Comm Circ
P0864TCM Comm Circ Range/Perf
P0865TCM Comm Circ Low
P0866TCM Comm Circ High
P0867Trans Fluid Press
P0868Trans Fluid Press Low
P0869Trans Fluid Press High
P0870Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch C Circ
P0871Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch C Circ Range/Perf
P0872Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch C Circ Low
P0873Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch C Circ High
P0874Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch C Circ Interm
P0875Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch D Circ
P0876Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch D Circ Range/Perf
P0877Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch D Circ Low
P0878Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch D Circ High
P0879Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch D Circ Interm
P0880TCM Power Input Signal
P0881TCM Power Input Signal Range/Perf
P0882TCM Power Input Signal Low
P0883TCM Power Input Signal High
P0884TCM Power Input Signal Interm
P0885TCM Power Relay Ctrl Circ/Open
P0886TCM Power Relay Ctrl Circ Low
P0887TCM Power Relay Ctrl Circ High
P0888TCM Power Relay Sense Circ
P0889TCM Power Relay Sense Circ Range/Perf
P0890TCM Power Relay Sense Circ Low
P0891TCM Power Relay Sense Circ High
P0892TCM Power Relay Sense Circ Interm
P0893Multiple Gears Engaged
P0894Trans Component Slipping
P0895Shift Time Too Short
P0896Shift Time Too Long
P0897Trans Fluid Deteriorated
P0898Trans Ctrl Sys MIL Request Circ Low
P0900Clutch Actuator Circ/Open
P0901Clutch Actuator Circ Range/Perf
P0902Clutch Actuator Circ Low
P0903Clutch Actuator Circ High
P0904Gate Select Pos Circ
P0905Gate Select Pos Circ Range/Perf
P0906Gate Select Pos Circ Low
P0907Gate Select Pos Circ High
P0908Gate Select Pos Circ Interm
P0909Gate Select Ctrl Error
P0910Gate Select Actuator Circ/Open
P0911Gate Select Actuator Circ Range/Perf
P0912Gate Select Actuator Circ Low
P0913Gate Select Actuator Circ High
P0914Gear Shift Pos Circ
P0915Gear Shift Pos Circ Range/Perf
P0916Gear Shift Pos Circ Low
P0917Gear Shift Pos Circ High
P0918Gear Shift Pos Circ Interm
P0919Gear Shift Pos Ctrl Error
P0920Gear Shift Forward Actuator Circ/Open
P0921Gear Shift Forward Actuator Circ Range/Perf
P0922Gear Shift Forward Actuator Circ Low
P0923Gear Shift Forward Actuator Circ High
P0924Gear Shift Reverse Actuator Circ/Open
P0925Gear Shift Reverse Actuator Circ Range/Perf
P0926Gear Shift Reverse Actuator Circ Low
P0927Gear Shift Reverse Actuator Circ High
P0928Gear Shift Lock Solenoid Ctrl Circ/Open
P0929Gear Shift Lock Solenoid Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0930Gear Shift Lock Solenoid Ctrl Circ Low
P0931Gear Shift Lock Solenoid Ctrl Circ High
P0932Hydraulic Press Sensor Circ
P0933Hydraulic Press Sensor Range/Perf
P0934Hydraulic Press Sensor Circ Low
P0935Hydraulic Press Sensor Circ High
P0936Hydraulic Press Sensor Circ Interm
P0937Hydraulic Oil Temp Sensor Circ
P0938Hydraulic Oil Temp Sensor Range/Perf
P0939Hydraulic Oil Temp Sensor Circ Low
P0940Hydraulic Oil Temp Sensor Circ High
P0941Hydraulic Oil Temp Sensor Circ Interm
P0942Hydraulic Press Unit
P0943Hydraulic Press Unit Cycling Period Too Short
P0944Hydraulic Press Unit Loss of Press
P0945Hydraulic Pump Relay Circ/Open
P0946Hydraulic Pump Relay Circ Range/Perf
P0947Hydraulic Pump Relay Circ Low
P0948Hydraulic Pump Relay Circ High
P0949Auto Shift Manual Adaptive Learning Not Complete
P0950Auto Shift Manual Ctrl Circ
P0951Auto Shift Manual Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0952Auto Shift Manual Ctrl Circ Low
P0953Auto Shift Manual Ctrl Circ High
P0954Auto Shift Manual Ctrl Circ Interm
P0955Auto Shift Manual Mode Circ
P0956Auto Shift Manual Mode Circ Range/Perf
P0957Auto Shift Manual Mode Circ Low
P0958Auto Shift Manual Mode Circ High
P0959Auto Shift Manual Mode Circ Interm
P0960Press Ctrl Solenoid A Ctrl Circ/Open
P0961Press Ctrl Solenoid A Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0962Press Ctrl Solenoid A Ctrl Circ Low
P0963Press Ctrl Solenoid A Ctrl Circ High
P0964Press Ctrl Solenoid B Ctrl Circ/Open
P0965Press Ctrl Solenoid B Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0966Press Ctrl Solenoid B Ctrl Circ Low
P0967Press Ctrl Solenoid B Ctrl Circ High
P0968Press Ctrl Solenoid C Ctrl Circ/Open
P0969Press Ctrl Solenoid C Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0970Press Ctrl Solenoid C Ctrl Circ Low
P0971Press Ctrl Solenoid C Ctrl Circ High
P0972Shift Solenoid A Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0973Shift Solenoid A Ctrl Circ Low
P0974Shift Solenoid A Ctrl Circ High
P0975Shift Solenoid B Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0976Shift Solenoid B Ctrl Circ Low
P0977Shift Solenoid B Ctrl Circ High
P0978Shift Solenoid C Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0979Shift Solenoid C Ctrl Circ Low
P0980Shift Solenoid C Ctrl Circ High
P0981Shift Solenoid D Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0982Shift Solenoid D Ctrl Circ Low
P0983Shift Solenoid D Ctrl Circ High
P0984Shift Solenoid E Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0985Shift Solenoid E Ctrl Circ Low
P0986Shift Solenoid E Ctrl Circ High P0987 Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch E Circ
P0988Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch E Circ Range/Perf
P0989Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch E Circ Low
P0990Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch E Circ High
P0991Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch E Circ Interm
P0992Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch F Circ
P0993Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch F Circ Range/Perf
P0994Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch F Circ Low
P0995Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch F Circ High
P0996Trans Fluid Press Sensor/Switch F Circ Interm
P0997Shift Solenoid F Ctrl Circ Range/Perf
P0998Shift Solenoid F Ctrl Circ Low
P0999Shift Solenoid F Ctrl Circ High

Disclaimer: These charts are for informational purposes only! For more information, please check your vehicle’s service manual!

But if it does happen, you may want to read the fault code immediately to learn more about the issue.

Fault codes (a.k.a. error codes or diagnostic codes) on a Can-Am are indications that identify given problems detected by the monitoring systems.

These alphanumeric codes can be displayed on the informational gauge by pressing a simple button combination. But if you want to find out more about the nature of the fault and its remedy, you should diagnose your Can-Am with a scanner tool like B.U.D.S. or CanDooPro.

The latter is an aftermarket multifunctional scanner that can be used on many different brands of powersport vehicles like Can-Ams, Ski-Doos, Sea-Doos, Kawasaki Jet Skis, and WaveRunners.

Therefore, if you have a different brand of power toy, you can’t go wrong with a CanDooPro.

The only drawback of these scanner tools is their hefty price tags. So, if you don’t want to invest in one, you have no choice but to take your Can-Am to an authorized dealer or a professional service shop to get a more comprehensive diagnosis.

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only! For a more precise diagnosis and service recommendation, please always refer to your Can-Am’s service manual!

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