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You guys asked for it, so I delivered. I hope this video gives you a lot of insight into how I built my book brand. Let me know what else you would like to learn about my AI eBook Automation business model in the comments below.



Hey my name is Joe.

If you haven't already seen my tick tocks, don't worry in this video I'm going to go over the whole process.

That built me a 900 000 book brand and made me two hundred thousand dollars.

This was back when I started this.

Was the second day that I was profitable and this is where I am now.

I know a lot of you guys were asking for this entire process, so here it is.

First, I'm going to be going through the book generation process, so you can get a 25 to 50K wordbook within a matter of hours.

Second, we're gon na go into brand identity.

Where you can watch me create all my brand Graphics, then we're gon na set up your raw product, I'm going to show you everything you need to set up within the WAP dashboard.

Then I'll show you how to use typed dream for your landing page, how you can integrate embeds and also connect your Pinterest tag.

Last but not least, we're gon na go into Pinterest ads.

This is essential for my business model and it's what makes me profitable.

I also have the top 2023 Pinterest niches linked down below for completely free their niches that I've personally vetted myself and have been proven to work before we get started.

If you have any questions during the training, you can open a ticket in the Discord and I'd be happy to respond to you.

Okay, so I'm on the gpt3 playground website.

All you have to do here is log in I'm going to use my Google I'm in perfect.

So now I'm going to go over to playground.

If you need any of these links, they are linked in my Discord in the tools Channel and now we're going to start writing our prompt now, because we want the book outline.

First, I'm going to select chat at the bottom here uh and then I'm going to go over to my Discord and copy The Prompt that I get at give everyone.

Okay! So, let's start generating, you can see that it's formatted much better than if you were to do it in Chachi BT, and this is all we need perfect, no pad here.

I'M gon na paste it in I'm going to save this on my desktop.

So I can come back to it later, so I have these three screens opened.

I have my book outline here.

I have word open.

You can use Google Docs if you need to and then I have a fresh Playground open.

So you can see this domain here.

I have nothing here, so let me copy it move this over just so that can pop out, so you guys can see it better all right, so I'm going to start by writing a prompt.

I I do have a better prompt than this, but I'm going to use a pretty basic one, so the following is a uh book.

Yeah sure is a book chat doctor named introduction to self care.

Personally, self-care, it will go following fix the following topics: just copying that in comma word, so it's very important to note that gpt3 has a four thousand um 4000 token limit.

So if you basically it's going to limit you to 500 Words each time I would say um you're going to need to split up the entire book.

It doesn't take that long though you're doing about 50 generations for a 25k book, so it doesn't take that long.

It'll probably take you three hours, maybe at the starting, but it really it comes very easy after you do it a few times.

Okay, I'm also going to do uh, I'm going to specify that I don't want transition words uh.

I don't want trends cool okay.

So, let's see how it uh generates, what you need to do is so with maximum length and I'll go through these a little bit more in detail.

I've worked with the API as well, so I have a pretty good understanding what variables you should be putting in while generating an ebook.

Thankfully ebooks are pretty simplistic and you don't need to do too much, but I'm going to show you how to stop the AI from repeating itself, because, unfortunately, that happens a lot of times when your temperature is high, but your um frequency penalty is still at zero.

So anyway, okay, so let's generate this self-care is a term that has been used, I'm just going to read through it, while it's generating make sure that it's talking about the correct thing.

This is perfect for an introduction.

Introduction does not need to be complicated for any of my books; they really do not go past um.

None of them uh have gone past, a thousand words my introductions, you know on a board, I mean they're literally looking for the meat of the content, which is the actual chapters of the books.

So you don't need to write and a lot of people just skip over actually um introductions.

So it's not something! That's super important, um, okay, perfect! So this is all good uh.

It did add that transition word there overall, but other than that.

It's fine yeah.

All good okay! So I'm going to leave this first page blank, because that is where our cover is gon na go.

So I'm just pressing enter a bunch of times.

You can just skip a page.

You can do it in the um in the layout section, but this is what we have.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to paste it same format, I'm going to go down like this and I'm going to go to introduction to production I'm going to copy.

This will go to I'm going to bold it, I'm not going to underline it, but I do need to center it perfect.

So we have our introduction um.

Usually my proofreader sell or go proofreader Ghostwriter guy.

He does this all for me, so I don't normally have to do it, but if you're doing it yourself just make sure you're indenting your paragraphs, that's fine, it doesn't doesn't matter too much perfect.

So we have our introduction super basic.

Now, let's get into something a little bit more complicated, which is the first paragraph gon na work, one sec.

There we go okay, so now we're going to start on chapter two, so you can see so chapter two chapter two is mental self.

Karen is going to copy this from here.

I'M gon na do the exact same thing that I did up there.

I'M gon na take this we're going to Center.

It put that on perfect.

So let's remove this.

So now I don't want these.

I don't want the definition of self-care I'm going to take those out words and I'm just going to put such as okay.

So now what I've done, I have my new prompt.

The following is a thousand word chapter named mental self-care, which is our chapter title down here that focuses on exploring your thoughts and emotions, exploring your thoughts and emotions.

I don't want transition words such as finally, and in conclusion this is just something extra that I'm adding because it makes it feel like more of an essay than an actual book, um, okay, so uh.

First, I'm going to leave the maximum length at 256.

I'M going to submit this looks like it's talking, yeah talking about the right stuff.

It's including transition words, that's fine yeah! It doesn't matter too much.

Let's see, okay, yeah! It's talking about the right stuff! So now, let's commit to tokens.

This is where the real cost is going to come in, even though it's like, probably like three cents, not even like even less for this generation um, so we're at 295 tokens down here, I'm gon na go to uh.

Let's go to 700, Maybe that works okay.

There we go now.

I just keep waiting okay, so this is good going to do a perfect.

I'M gon na do the indent not super necessary, uh.

Okay, perfect um! This is not correct in some ways, but that's something that you can just proofread.


So, let's go on to the next topic: I'm going to delete all this.

I'M gon na go to establishing effective coping strategies, okay, so perfect! So it's generated our new topic.

I'M going to copy this, then I'm going to paste it in here a it really should be like this, but I'm not going to go through that right now: okay, okay, perfect! So what we're going to do now, since we finished one of our chapters and I've shown you how to do introduction, you just repeat the same process for each chapter and then eventually you'll get a full book.

You should aim for around 25 to 50K words.

That's a very decent ebook, a lot of people don't even reach the end of some of my books that are um.

I had one in the beginning, that was 16k words and barely nobody reached the end of it um so yeah.

I just make sure that it's, you know a decent ebook, make sure you're adding value.

The last thing you want is chargebacks and returns.

Your ebooks cannot be just fluff, they need to be.

You know genuinely valuable, okay.

So next, what we're going to do is we are going to start formatting, I'm going to close this, I'm going to close this.

We don't need gpt3 playground anymore before we move on.

I just want to go over a little bit of this frequency penalty.

Here you can up it a teeny bits and what it will do is it will reduce the amount of time.

A certain token is repeated.

So let's say you have it says.

Finally, a lot or it's repeating the same sentence verbatim then you can increase that and you'll get new sentences each time now it can be quite restrictive on the model.

Remember that each time you know you're restricting it even more, so you might not get a crazy long response, but it's important because if you have an ebook that is literally repeating the same sentence, you know every paragraph, that's bad, so um yeah use it but use It don't use it that often only use it when it's really a problem: Okay, cool! So I'm going to close this and then I'm going to close this.

Let me get word back open make this full screen.

So right now it's on calorie! I don't recommend that for reading purposes it is a nice you can use calibri, but I usually use Ariel.

I think all my books are aerial.

Now um they've been formatted to Ariel, so I would highly suggest just doing Ariel it's readable and it's good remember that I'm mostly marketing on Pinterest, I don't know where you would potentially be marketing but um.

It seems to work really well.

You want a readable font like a very, very readable font, because remember these are people that are going to be in the middle age.

Kind of side of you know aging.

I guess so you want them to be able to read um, you want them to be able to read your book like some people in the Discord so far have been putting 10 font, which is pretty crazy.

Um, it's small, and especially even if you change your page size to an actual ebook you go to.

Yes, it gets very small.

I would not even me I would not have a fun time reading this book so go to 12 font.

I'M going to make sure that it's lined up still perfect and now we're going to switch everything to Ariel recently used fonts that I don't like this View.

One page, okay, perfect all right, so we have our formatting down uh.

This is you know what why don't? I will change it.

Go like this connect that perfect this, then I'm going to show you some other formatting tips wow.

This is boring, but it has to be done.

Oh my gosh, okay.

Well, at least we know it's a good chapter, okay, uh! Now I'm going to select everything and we're going to go to home, I'm going to switch the page, so I'm going to 1.5 for readability perfect, going to get this done here for chapter two.

Also for our introduction.

I forgot to put this but we're going to go back into this introduction to self-care I'm going to copy that uh.

It's very that works perfect instructional self-care.

Let me that doesn't work there.

We go cool, so I got all that.

Looking good two page, two, a two chapter: ebook, obviously you wouldn't do this, but um, I'm sure you guys get the gist of it.

Uh, okay, perfect! So what we're gon na do next is we are going to go into the design process, so we need to create our book cover.

I'M going to show you how to import your book cover into this PDF here um.

I guess word document, then we'll turn it into a PDF uh.


So let me save this: I'm going to drag it over here, I'm going to press, save it to my desktop P.

Oh no word doc and we're gon na go to okay.

That works! Well.

Okay, awesome, okay, so I'm going to close up this now, uh, we've done all the basics that we need, and this is for some reason, I'm in bold now, okay and before we leave here.

I just want to add in one more thing, because I don't know if a lot of people know how to do this.

Um, it's pretty simple, but basically what I'm going to do.

You can insert your page numbers I put in the bottom right.

Sometimes I have it in the middle uh, it's over here, page, so uh bottom of the page on the right and make sure you select a different first page because that's where our cover is going to be okay, cool, three yeah, four, five, six going forever! Okay, so now I'm going to close this, what we can do now is design our book cover we're going to design our creative we're going to make our logo okay.

So I've just opened up Photoshop, I'm gon na go to new, I'm going to go to we'll start off with the logo.

Okay, uh we're gon na go Square thousand and one thousand okay.

So now what I'm gon na do is I'm going to create a new tab with a different design, we're going to go to creative, actually we'll do the book uh book cover.

First, I'm going to make it uh.

1 500.

it'll be good enough.

We can actually do one to two and okay okay, so this is gon na be pretty basic, but if you're doing your book cover yourself uh just some guidelines to go by, I mean I do mine myself.

This is, this is going to be pretty basic, so I'm not gon na go it'll, probably take like an hour for me to do a full design, but you put in I guess you do self-care.

Oh, that is not a good font to be using you self-care, and I'm going to go to okay, okay, perfect, okay, um, okay! So now we have a clean slate again uh.

Let's make this quick.

I'M gon na put this back on uh.

What we're gon na do is we're gon na create a checklist all right, so we have our creative um.

We have everything we need.

Um, there's definitely a lot more work that could be put into these, but I'm just trying to give you a good idea of what you should be doing.

I'M sure you guys you'll put some more work into this.

I hope um than I have right here.


Okay cool, so this is all good uh everything's saved.

I have it in a file here that you that I'm gon na show press no press, no and okay yeah! No, and let's drag this over, I have everything here.

I drag over my outline and close that, okay, so what we can do, we can go into this actually before that, it's going to rename this book self-care book, oh okay! So I'm gon na go into this self-care book and now we're going to drag in the book cover okay, so you can see here that it's following the margins which is uh.

That's not what you want, so you can put it behind the text.

You're gon na drag it up.

I'M gon na make it fit drag.

This down, drag this down up again, perfect um.

If you want to so you could be exact with it so like right now, my page size is like 18 centimeters.

So if you go to layout page size yeah, so it's 18 centimeters so 18.2 by 25.7, you can put that into canva.

You can put that into Photoshop.

I didn't do it for this example, because I need to do this quickly, but it will be exactly like pixel pixel, perfect uh, when you put it in right now, the scaling's off.

You can see that anyway, um Okay cool, so we have our title page and it looks good okay.

So we have our first chapter, just a rough outline chapter two and we got our page numbers that kind of stuff.

You can also put your own Watermark so like your brand logo at the bottom.

That's what I do um! I have it in like a very light gray text um.

You can also put the title of the book: uh yeah, but that's up to you: okay, uh.

Let's close this, let's close this then we'll go over to so I'm going to sign in here and sign in with Google perfect, so we're signed in I'm going to go to start selling and now we're in the onboarding stage of WAP.

So what we're going to do is we're going to create a new store press next store name is going to be Lush uh Nook, I'm gon na be selling files.

Uh I've been to take Lane uh the best book and in the world.

Okay, you can see that I've uploaded the logo there.

Press next continue.

I'M gon na give it as Auto.

I like the dark theme.

Okay, I'm going to create a product, so we're gon na do oh bundle, so I usually recommend I I pretty much always recommend doing a bundle.

First, it's the highest value proposition and it's the most likely to get you sales.

If your product is good or if one of your books resonates really well with one of your warm leads, then it's pretty much like an automatic sale.

If you just do one book, then your chance of selling it - I wouldn't say it goes down drastically, but it definitely goes down the higher the value proposition you can give to the people that land on your web page the better so just duplicate this process.

Five times and you'll be set also uh templates um like the creative that we we made.

Those do pretty well as well.

If people are if you're in a niche like self-care templates, are actually really big and checklists.

So what you can do is you can sell those along with your book.


So now I'm going to go okay! So now I'm going to go down to uh the files section, I'm going to press new file, we're going to go to okay, we're gon na put in a book or we'll put in the title.

Actually, so it was self there guide.

I can just do one, so this would be like one of the books of the five.

I can upload my file um there we go price done, I'm gon na set.

My price price is going to be a single payment.

It never expires.

Fiat visibility is going to be um, so secret, hidden link.

We don't want people finding it on WAP, and that is it you can put so like customers can only get this plan once I'm gon na put this as book bundle.

One customize link suffix.

It doesn't matter, customers can talk about this plan.

Customers can't zero check it.

Okay, so press save, okay, awesome! So again I put in just a random description here.

This does not get shown on Direct checkout, so you don't really need to worry about it, but uh apparently we're doing everything um the best in the world and there.

So you have that and what we are going to need to get is our walk.

Direct checkout link, which is here it's to the right of uh, this pricing option, so just press the link here.

If we go to this link, you'll be able to see uh, we have our logo.

Uh self-care bundle 15 lifetime access.

Now we have our download.

So I don't have payments up like set up here, but uh you just need to set up stripe payments.

You can see that there's an alert here to connect stripe to start selling.

All you do is um.

You go to your country, I'm in Canada.


Then you begin setup.

Okay, so now I've gone over to type stream, I'm going to sign in with my Google okay.

So I have my landing page here.

This is where your book mock-up is going to be.

This is where your sales copy is going to be.

It's pretty much where you're gon na sell your warm lead on the entire product that you have.

The thanks page is for after purchases what it will do and what you need to embed into.

It is event code that will register with Pinterest that there was a purchase made on both Pages you're going to do slash, embed and then you're going to click, this you're going to go to code and then you're going to put your event code there.

Okay, so I'm on Pinterest, what I'm going to do is I'm going to log in then I'm going to go to my tag um right now.

My tag is fine um, but I'm going to show you uh how to do it manually press skip.

This is going to go into the header of your type dream page, then.

So I'm on Pinterest right now and I'm just going to show you this is the checkout script.

This is the add to cart script, and then this is the page visit script.

These are all event codes that need to go onto your typed dream landing page.

Now, it's important to note before you set up that Pinterest tag and install the event code.

You're only going to be able to run consideration campaigns so right now, I'm not able to go into conversion campaigns because I haven't set up my Pinterest tag.

So when you're setting up a consideration campaign, you need to understand that it's just going to drive traffic and it's not going to track conversions.

The same way that the conversion campaign would so, when you're setting up your first campaign before you actually get your Pinterest tag.

Set up, you are going to need to set up a consideration campaign.

You can see right here that I can't go into conversion campaigns, because I don't have my tag set up so when you're doing consideration, campaign, um or really any campaign, you need to understand that your Pinterest creative needs to get clicks now.

That sounds like a very Bland statement, but people will not click, something that does not provide them value.

So if I were to do, as I was saying earlier, hard sells, no one would click that you're trying to, I guess, for lack of a better term bait them into clicking your ad and landing on your web page.

As soon as they see your landing page.

They should instantly think.

Oh I'm gon na find out more about this and then they're gon na keep scrolling, even if they click on it.

As a mistake, you should have a landing page good enough on load that it catches the customer's eye or, I guess the warm leave in this case.

So when I'm creating a campaign uh everything and when I'm testing creatives, what you need to do is you need to make sure that you're getting over a one percent CTR at least to start off I've scaled to three percent CTR.

But that takes time you need to get a lot of data and also remember that when you don't have a lot of data, your stats can get very skewed.

So let's say you run a campaign and just out of luck, two people click on your your creative out of and actually land on, your landing page out of 10 people.

Then you instantly have, you know a two per second version rate, but as that goes on, that might decrease quite a lot.

So it very much depends on how much data you have make sure that you're running and getting a decent amount of impressions before you make any like really critical conclusions about your creative.

So when I'm testing this creative - and let's say I was testing the creative that we just made - you go into uh, so yeah campaign status is going to be active I'll run through everything here.

So I don't leave anything untouched campaign budget is going to be daily.

My daily budget, I'm going to leave it at ten dollars.

Ten dollars is usually pretty good and within three days I can completely find out whether something is going to work or not, and also I have the budget to do it.

You can also do it with five dollars.

People have been doing it with five dollars.

Five dollars is completely okay.

Uh campaign schedule is going to run continuously.

You can have it run on specific dates if you really want to, if you're strict on cash - and you want to basically know when your thing is spending like when your campaign is actually spending it on what days um.

This would be really good like you can run it on, like you know three days in a row at ten dollars, and you know instantly that you're only going to be spending thirty dollars.

The problem with Pinterest is that it doesn't and like a lot of the time it takes like 24 hours or sometimes even more, to update whether it's your Pinterest tag, whether it's your campaign, so it can be pretty frustrating.

But if you want to have complete control over how much your campaign is, spending then run on specific dates.

Press continue right now, we're gon na be finding new customers are okay.

Why is it opening? Also for my ad group name um, I'm going to do so.

Uh the book I put the book name camera.

I think our book name was like generic, so self-care book, okay, really self -care book um and then I do how much I'm spending daily.

I only do daily spends right now.

I don't do you know uh one-time type type deals or I just continuously run them so uh, I'm eventually uh.

I would probably go up to like maybe 40 after I do five and it um it works.

We'll just do five right now: uh five dollars and then, when I start running it so it's March March, 29th, 93, uh, okay, enable interests and keywords is going to be on uh enable expanded targeting um.

This is this can help, but I only I only put it on after I know an ad is doing well, there's no reason like you should know your book and who is going to be searching up your book.

It's it's decently, simple, so this can add to kind of like an increase in ad spend and sometimes what it'll do I found.

Is it will Branch out into these really odd niches that are just not likely to buy your book, so it's kind of like a hit or miss? I wouldn't do it if you're testing you can leave it on, but if you're you're strict like I just take it off for now, uh okay, so we are in the health Niche we're going to do this, I'm just going to select everything.

I'M going to go a little bit General.

The problem is, is that we might have to Niche down a little bit once we start selecting our age and everything uh, and we go to our keywords: um, I highly suggest just using the search, so we have so.

Okay, we'll just do some care: okay, not bad um.

I don't usually do this.

I usually just pick them.

I would say that you know anything.

Over 5 million searches is pretty good if I put in stuff like so okay uh.

What's a self-care activity, uh uh, so another one would be even cleaning like cleaning um and some what I would suggest doing like if you want to do this like if you just want to do one for self-care.

So if I like research, um self-care, add all these, you can leave this and then you can just go back and duplicate uh this campaign, so you can kind of split it up.

I already know what works for self-care.

This does kind of work like some of these are in here for my actual campaign uh.

This isn't this is not like.

This is just uh like, like self-care College quotes like that's not in there like these.

These are a little odd, so yeah you kind of just have to play around with it.

I'M not.

Okay, that's fine uh! That was actually fine.

I don't think that one's in my actual one though, but yeah, you probably understand uh.

So if you want to go kind of a different route, if you're, it really is it's finding out what you need to be authentic with what your your book is about, it needs to be related to your keywords like you can't self-care is good and - and you Know, but if there's like some kind of Health bundle as well, you need to add in health stuff, so like Health like if you're adding in a keto diet, you know keto diet.

No, I guess keto is fine.

For now I mean so like this is all good.

So if I added you know, if I have a bundle of you know self-care General self-care and then I have a keto diet, you need to add in some keto diet stuff as well, unless you want to add a separate creative, so you really have to play Around with it anyway, um okay uh not find any interest.

You want to Target yeah not putting that in um.

Okay, so demographic uh, specific genders we're gon na go to female ages.

It's gon na be uh specific ages.

Right now, for my self-care bundle, I have so 25 and then I block it off at this um, so uh like decent decent size, but I don't really need the 18 to 24.

This is really what I'm going for specific locations.

I'M gon na do so.

Canada copy that Kingdom USA perfect, so I have those three there.

Okay, language is going to be English and then devices I would not suggest doing web or mobile okay.

So we're finished with our demographics here with placement and tracking.

This is an interesting one.

I like to keep it as authentic as possible when people are browsing, I want them seeing my ad, I don't want them searching for something and then seeing the ads.

The thing is is that if you can interrupt a workflow, that's more natural to them, you'll convert better, and that's just what I found in my my experience so on search if people are searching up their stuff they're already used to seeing ads when they do searches.

So I would highly suggest just doing browse um.

Okay, so optimization is going to be for outbound clicks.

We want people going to our uh.

Our website pin clicks are just people enlarging the actual uh, the actual post bidding is going to be automatic, and you can't change that.

You can only do it if you're doing, pin clicks and then we're going to select our pin so we're going to create a new PIN, I'm going to grab where is it or creative, I'm going to drop it there perfect, pin title so pin.

Titles are probably the most essential part because they're going to see it at the bottom uh uh, I'm getting my my copywriter brain out, uh also um.

Just before we do this uh, I forgot to mention uh selecting a board.

I have a private board on my actual brand.

That's what I do um! I just want people finding my stuff through my ads.

I don't need to be doing too much organic anyways I haven't found.

I mean I'm getting into organic, but I wouldn't you don't need to do it so um, yeah, Okay, cool, so uh name is going to be um, uh private ads create and then I'm gon na do my uh the pin title okay.

So you can see that I made it very because this is a checklist.

It's super ugc and now what we're going to do is we're gon na get the destination link.

Our destination link is from typestream, so I'm going to go back to type dream.

I'M on the landing page I'm going to go into here and I'm going to copy now we're going to go back to this uh landing page perfect.

So that is all we need they're going to publish that wait for it to come up: perfect! Okay! Okay, so we have everything here now, I'm going to click, publish and I'm going to be redirected to billing uh billing is just you just have to put in your personal information you're going to need to put in your card number, so you can actually be charged And then it'll start running so whatever you specified uh just make sure that you understand that Pinterest takes time to update as soon as you click publish.

It will take time for your stats to come in like Impressions and your CTR.

So pretty much just don't be confused.

If you don't see results right away, the stats are not live.

Unfortunately, so just be patient and wait for stuff to come in.

If you're struggling to find the correct, Pinterest Niche, I have a file linked below it's completely free.

It has the top 2023 Pinterest niches that I've personally vetted myself.

Okay, I hope this video gave you a really good idea of the entire process.

If you need to ask me any questions, you can go into the Discord link below.

I also respond on Instagram DMS feel free to contact me on there too.

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