Hermitcraft S7 Ep 61: Free Stuff! (2023)


Hermitcraft season 7 episode 61, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to make a mega new building in Aqua Town for my real estate customers. The build will be a place for my customers to come and get free building resources for there Aqua Town buildings. We also sell Cub land and put 9 more diamond blocks into the land games! I'm super happy to be back on Hermitcraft and building again, hope you enjoy the new Hermitcraft video!
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Ooh hello there, my fellow miners and crafters good times with scar here and welcome back to the wonderful worlds of hermits and crafting, and it feels so good to say welcome back to hermitcraft and it is really good to be back and I hope, you're as excited as I am to fly once again through the scar x, complex here in hermitcraft, and I hope you are all doing absolutely wonderful and, as I said, it has been a little bit since we were last on hermitcraft and I am slowly starting to feel better and I'm quite excited to get back into building and well that's what I want to do today and I've got some super awesome plans.

We just got to fly over to aqua town.

It is so good to see aqua town once again and I'm seeing all sorts of new things to explore and see in the city as azuma's been super busy with his massive theater build and it looks like he's- got some stuff built on the back side of the theater.

Oh, it's kind of like the business end of the theater, and this is looking absolutely fine.

Oh, is that a moo pop banner and look at its sway look at its way.

That is very satisfying.

I feel quite satisfied watching that anyway, we've got oh wow, look at this like forklifts and is this some kind of like farmer's market on the back with all the different creatures? Looking absolutely fantastic.

Why is the snowman not under the banner and he's melting? Look.

Look at him! He's trying to block the sun come on guys, move his stall under the under the awning, that's cruel and uh.

When I was flying over a, I saw a lot of pink and when I thought smelled like poop and there is, there is literally pig styes in my land- oh wow.

Oh, that is, that is a ginormous poop.

Somebody really took a dump on my land, wow.


This can be no other than the ghoulishly smiling b-dubs.

Oh b-dubs, oh b-dubs, we're gonna have to get back at you, you're, basically playing sim city with us, and I got a couple ideas now just popped into my head.

But what is this someone filled in this piece of land? Oh that's, fantastic! Whoever did that this is really cool and, oh, are those cake banners.

Oh, I want cake banners in my life.

Those are awesome.


This is corrales land right hold on, I'm pretty sure we sold it yeah.

This is slime.

We sold this to him a long long time ago, and this really does actually fill in this piece of land here in aquatown.

Giving this whole block a completed feel wow.

There is new stuff around every corner.

I want the yard sale sign.

That is, that is so cool man you're away from hermitcraft for a few weeks, and there is just so much to discover.

Welcome to orderly's, don't be don't be a scar, get orderly that you know that level of uh punish and things along those lines.

That must be an etho.

Oh, why you got hostile people beyond your counter etho.

Do you not want business hey there? He is look at him.

Clearly, his diamond pile is increased and mine has not, and I'm definitely giving him a side eye yeah that that pile of diamonds is bigger.

Speaking of diamonds.

Well, I clearly have not been around on the server and I haven't had anyone interested in land.

So we need to change that today, and that is our main objective today is to increase sales here in aquatown, but you might be wondering scar.

How do you plan on accomplishing that? Well, basically, we're just going to give people free stuff, and that should entice them enough.

I think so the concept behind free and that's basically, what I'm going to call the service just free, keep it simple to the point, and that is that we'll take some of the resources that we have in our chess monster and give it to our customers to help them get a jump start on their builds, as we have a ton of resources that would help a person get building in aqua town a little bit faster if they have access to a massive amount of concrete terra, cotta and anything their heart desires.

So that is my plan to dominate.

Well, you look at that.

The boomer has gray hair.

Oh man, that's pretty funny! I quite enjoy that.

That makes me feel a lot better about all the poop in my yard anyway, it's time to build in time to get going and, as you know, as I've been trying to explain for the last five minutes now, I'm gonna build our service here for people who buy our land and they can use our resources to help build their builds.

Now we need a place for this new building and it's going to go right here in our park.

That's right! I know you'll love it.

I love it, but now that's kind of like shrunken down, there's not really any point of the park and, as I said before, I feel like the park has always just been kind of just a placeholder just to fill this land make it look a little bit better and I think what we have planned here is going to be much better than what is here, except for the fact that these pine trees are my favorite thing.

I've ever built and we're totally gonna use these in the future.

I just love the fact that this park gave us the opportunity to make these trees that then we can use in future builds, and I I don't know if it's possible, but I did fall in love with these trees.

I know it's embarrassing.

It is only admit it, but I stand by it.

I love those trees, so we're going to tear out this park and we're going to build a really cool building and the design that I have in mind is going to really showcase the curvature of the road, so we'll have a really unique and different shape to it, which I think will be wonderful and with that, let's mow this park right on out of aqua town and like that, the park is now completely wiped out, giving us room for our brand new building free or is that the right name for it? Let me know in the comments, if that's kind, of a ridiculous name like I don't really know also, I always seem to leave one leaf block in the air.

When I tear down trees, it's like a happy little cloud.

Bob ross would call it anyway um.

So we've got the room all settled here: um.

I did a couple mock-ups in my test: roll colors and pallets, and things like that got that all worked out and I think it'll look really cool as it stretches around the road and I also decided I want to save one of the trees.

So we've got one still here and I think it looks really cool and it just kind of fills in this area really really nice, so yeah happy about keeping the tree and yeah.

So we need to grab some resources and make a few more final touches on the design before we start working- and I don't know what to do about these pigs- oh, it's cub, hello, cub, trying to convince cub to buy this land, and it's not going well with these stupid pigs.

What in the world? Oh my gosh, where did you come from? I don't even know it was getting dark.

I was so invested in trying to sell this land.

Oh man, what is what has happened since I was gone from horror, crap, there's, pigs everywhere.

We've got a walking dead situation now here at aquatown.

This is a literal nightmare.

My plants in front of my building are dead.

I haven't showed you those, yet this is so so bad.

Oh, my gosh come no! No good luck! He left us, he left us come.

This is not the walking dead way.

You can't just leave a man down.

This is so bad.

Oh I am getting out of here.

This place.

Is a death trap? Look at them all down there.

Oh my gosh, all right, let's go get! Those resources got a whole lot of supplies here, ready to roll for our brand new building and mumbo storage system has really come in handy and we've also done a bunch of organizing of all the miscellaneous items there.

So eventually we can build up a massive warehouse factory here that will store the giant silo and all the other junk that I have, but a whole lot of the stuff in these boxes will be going into the build we are putting together today.

Well, that's not good mumbo's base here is dying.

So at some point today we're gonna have to swing back over here and feed it and I kind of forgot what it requires is it I think it's golden apple, I'm pretty sure it's golden apples, so if that gets any lower and if we don't see mumbo we're gonna have to feed it.

As I mentioned when the uh zombies were trying to kill us, the uh plants in front of my reality office are dead and I guess that's the result of being gone.

Oh man, my landscaping really took a hit.

When I was gone, it is uh.

There's not much left of it around here, so uh yeah, we're gonna have to clean this up and by the way, the jelly landscape service.

You tell them to come around and water, your plants they're not so that is the last time we trust a cat security service and a cat gardening service.

But anyway guys we got our resources here, parked in the middle of a road of aqua town ready to go for our build today and, as I said before, I am super pumped to actually start building.

As I designed the basics of this building a few weeks ago now before I uh got under the weather a bit- and I am super excited to start building now this building I'm going to build, shares a slight similarity in the color tones of this building.

Here, I hope I hope that works out.

If it doesn't, we can always swap out some of the colors for something else.

I feel like this build is fairly modular in that way that you could kind of input your own colors like if you built this too, like you could totally swap out the colors for different ones, and I think that is super cool about this build.

So with that, let's jump into super fast, build mode, do and super fast.

The moon and we've got another building here in aqua town and I'm super happy with it, and I hope you are too.

It was an absolute blast to put together now.

There is definitely some more details.

We still need to add.

You know like a roof, an interior, it's a bit of a shell at the moment, but I think the shell has good bones and I think it you know, I think it works in aqua town.

I think it really does.

Our goal was, of course, to kind of fit it on the street below, so it really felt like the building was built around this kind of circular piece of the road here and the building kind of reflects that, and that was one of our main goals with it.

So I think we did good with that and what this building needs now is detail and life and, as I said, I think the shell of the building is solid, but what it's totally missing is life, and I think we can definitely make that happen with a whole bunch of additional enhancements that we can add throughout the area.


One of the concerns I had before building this was the fact that it kind of shared a similar color palette to the theater, but seeing it now in action, it's completely different, so it definitely has its own characteristics, but also blends well with the theater and, of course, the real estate office.

You can see where the stone kind of ties into the bottom level and the sandstone kind of ties into the accents along the wall, so that this whole area feels like it was all part of the same world, which I think is important when you build in such a large way like this with so many different pieces, that everything is unique and different, but all blends in in the end.

So what we need to do now is start with that human element, like I mentioned so here, are some of my thoughts all right.

I'm excited about this for the roof.

I want to add a giant water tower like you'd, see in new york on the older buildings.

Next, I'd like to add some kind of radio antenna going up into the air, and if we have room, I totally like to put the initials of like a radio station on the big tower, which I think could look really really cool now down at the bottom.

There is a desperate need for a smidge bit of color and I think I'm going to do that with some awnings around the windows and the entrances along with some flower baskets hanging from the I think like right here.

These blocks like right here, are absolutely perfect for something to hang off of them, and I think we could do the same with the top beams along with these guys over here.

So with that, let's add a little life to this build.

It's all in the details when it comes to building.

I think we've got some really cool ones on here to add a bit of life to the build we've got awnings in front of the doors and windows that gives it a splash of color, along with our hanging plants.

Now I have considered taking an armor stand and putting a bunch of flowers in these baskets to really create a flower basket, and we might do that on stream.

It would take a whole lot of armor stands, but we could definitely try and yeah.

I don't know if we want to do that, but it's definitely an option.


We've got some cool little flooring under the awning, so I think that looks really cool and if we shoot up to the top of the roof, that is where the magic happens.

We've got our radio antenna and a giant water tank.

As I said, I didn't see any other water tanks on any other building.

So I think this is kind of unique to this building, along with this really cool radio tower.

Now I did try to add the initials to you know like an aqua town radio station on there, but it's too small and it's like lettering is so hard in minecraft at scale when things are smaller, so yeah that was a bit of a challenge, but speaking of lettering, as I mentioned before, I'm not 100 settled on the name of this shop being called free.

If you have a better name, please let me know, and whatever name we choose in the next episode.

I'm gonna put a side marquee right here with the name of the shop, so I think that'll look, really cool hanging off the side there and uh yeah.

This has been an absolute blast, putting this build together, and I hope you guys like it.

It really fills this area in nice and I gotta point out.

You always gotta point out the flaws, I'm not a hundred percent subtle with the back here.

So that is something I'm still gonna kind of poke around with and try to make a bit better.

But with that, it is time now to meet up with the cub, the one, the only cub he is very interested in some land here in aquatown, our first customer in a very long time and you're interested in a new property here in aquatown I am, I heard this was the best shop around and uh, I'm looking to buy some stuff.

Actually, to be honest with you, I mean I'm looking to flip the the property, but all I'm looking for is to get this land off my hands.

You can do whatever you want.

You see this man behind me.

You see this man, oh there's a face there whoa! Yes, yes, he haunts my dreams, cub, he ends my dreams and I have to beat him in the land game.

So you can do whatever you want with that plot, yeah, I'm a little it's a little bit unsettling.

I did not see that like peeking in the window, I mean that's, that's intimidating.

Let's step out of the building here come through come through the peter pan window here and let's take a look at some properties.

Anything in particular that you're interested in um just something that looks nice, you know that's you know nice and clean that doesn't hit.

Whoa doesn't have too many pigs on it.

Maybe uh hi yeah um this.

This is unfortunate.

I it will be cleared out.

Bdubs owes me an iou, and I'm gonna give him wooden shovels to clear this all out, not judging or anything, you can have it just as is, but I will clean it out if you, if you do want that, it's I provide a white glove service here at goodtimes, realty, okay, okay, that's that's good to know, that's good, to know, I'm good, I'm in good hands.

I guess you are in the greatest of hands.

I feel like that's a jingle from tv, but I just can't put my finger on it anyway.

Yeah yeah, I don't know so it might be.

What kind of land are you looking for big small near the water in the bustle of the city? Yeah, maybe near the water, would be good, but it's usually like the most expensive like areas right, that's like the most prestigious! Oh definitely, this is my favorite plot down at the end.

First of all, you get this beautiful view of the ocean.

Look at that view, you're truly a king in your castle, looking at that beautiful ocean, and then you get this awesome view straight down the road into aqua town.

It's like the largest, unobstructed view in the entire area and I can wave at you from the windows.

Above that's true, that's true! That is the benefit.

That's nice yeah! You also got another.

Is this another one over here on the side too? Uh? Yes, yeah.

I mean dude wherever there's pigs.

That's that's my land! Unfortunately, okay.

Well, I mean, I think, yeah.

Maybe this one with the straight on view and stuff this.

This might be the way to go I'll.

Take I'll! Take this one! This one looks pretty nice, I guess, but it's filled with poop, but still I'll take it it's sold.

I I don't know how much um! Okay, what's your offer? Um I mean I was going to offer 10 diamond blocks, but since there's poop and pigs everywhere, yeah 12.

we'll go with like we'll go with 12.


I think I'll be able to flip that for at least like 20 or so so that's a good deal for me.

I think uh.

Let me see if I have the diamonds on me, I'm not sure.

If I do or not there's only, I only got nine on me.

You get you're getting a good guy discount, okay, nine! It is.

Then there we go.

Oh nice, all right, dude dude! This will be awesome.

I'm so glad you got this this lot.

It it's a good one, and you know just just to point out.

If you need to expand out the back, you totally.

Can you can do whatever you want? More land, less land boat, docks whatever you choose, uh, oh yeah! That's right! You're, just selling it I'm just selling it yeah! I'm not! I'm not really interested in building something I'm just flipping it for profit.

Hopefully I can get like 10 diamond blocks.

12 diamond blocks, 20 dime blocks yeah.

One word of warning here in aquatown at night: it's a little bit dangerous.

So all right, we'll see you later wait.

We need to speak about that.

Okay, he's gone what a successful day in hermitcraft! This has been.

We made our first sale in a very long time, part of the land games and, of course, we finished the uh the massive build today, which is absolutely incredible, and we need to put these diamonds on the pedestal in just a moment, but we also need to.

I need to figure out what to do about these pigs here.

So what I think I'm going to do is I'm going to use up my iou that bdubs owes me and I'm going to have him clear out each one of these plots with a wooden shovel.

We have to make a whole lot of wooden shovels to get through all of this so yeah.

I think that's a good way of getting back at him.

Also, maybe on some of his plots there might be some uh natural disasters.

That's right! We're gonna be playing a little sim city with b-dubs in our next episode and of course, we are going to get our free shop, which I'm still looking for a better name with we're going to build out the interiors into a beautiful hardware, store with the resources on the upper levels and uh yeah.

I'm super happy with this build.

I think this came out really really cool something about the tower really just ties it together.

I don't know what it is, but anyway, let's go put our diamonds on the stack here and like that.

I feel like we are starting to compete with him, but his stack looks a little thicker than mine, mine's, a little shaky at the top.

It looks like it's gonna tip over so yeah.

I don't know who's gonna win here, but the hourglass is definitely clicking down.

It is so good to be back here on the server.

I hope you enjoyed today where we built our giant buildings sold off some land stack, some more diamonds on the pedestal and we've got a whole lot of fun stuff to do in our next episode.

So until next time this has been good times with scour, and I always really appreciate you guys taking the time to watch the videos and if you bleed the videos desert rating.

That would be much appreciated and until next time we'll see you later don't subscribe, because you may just become scared for life.


Did anyone join Hermitcraft Season 7? ›

This was the first season of Hermitcraft to not introduce any new Hermits, instead bringing back 3 Hermits from previous seasons. Rendog, Cubfan135, Grian, TinFoilChef and Welsknight all had a late start to the season.

How long did Hermitcraft Season 7 last? ›

Season 7 started February 28, 2020 and ended June 12, 2021. The world was created on 1.15. 2 version of Minecraft Java Edition, updated to 1.16 on June 23, 2020, and the Nether was reset. Much of the season has...

How old is Grian? ›

Why was Hermitcraft 8 so short? ›

With 187 days (6 months and 5 days), this was the shortest of Hermitcraft's Vanilla seasons. The hermits decided to do a shorter and more experimental season because Mojang split the Caves and Cliffs update in two shortly before Season Eight was supposed to start.

Is Hermitcraft kid friendly? ›

As with many of the other HermitCraft members, his content is very family-friendly, featuring incredibly positive vibes and a lot of interaction with the other family-friendly content creators on HermitCraft.

Who owns Hermitcraft? ›

Hermitcraft, also written as HermitCraft, is a whitelisted Minecraft community. It was founded by Generikb on April 12, 2012 and has continued growing with many vanilla and modded seasons, the most recent one being Season 9. The server is currently administered by Xisumavoid, one of the earliest members of the server.

Has anyone left Hermitcraft? ›

Most of the Hermits who joined in Season 1 never made it past ten episodes before leaving the server. By Season 3 and Season 4, the number of Hermits who left was around 20.

Where is Grian's base in season 7? ›

The G-Mansion was Grian's Season 7 main base. It is a grand mansion that is symmetrical around the center. It faces into the jungle towards GoodTimesWithScar's base and MumboJumbo's base. The back is undetailed but complete, as very few Hermits would have a reason to view it from this angle.

What gender is Grian? ›

The name Grian is primarily a male name of Irish origin that means Sun.

How old is bdubs? ›

Buffalo Wild Wings
FormerlyBuffalo Wild Wings & Weck (1982–1998)
Founded1982 in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. as Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck
FoundersJim Disbrow Scott Lowery Bernard Spencer Elizabeth Brock Mackenzie Barnett
HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Number of locations1,278 (January 2023)
15 more rows

Why is Grian a lord? ›

During MCC 9, he and his team made a pact to buy lordship titles if they finish 8th or above (due to the subreddit predicting them to come last). His team eventually came 8th and he bought the title of "Lord Grian Dreamslayer" because of the triple kill.

Are Taurtis and Grian still friends? ›

and he had to dress up as Karu In hopes of Taurtis and Yuki didnt know He(Karu) got killed by Paul Blart,Sam, and Him. Despite those things, and many more, he used to be best friends with Sam and Taurtis, until the drama that ended with Samuel Gladiator announcing that he is no longer friends with Grian and Taurtis.

Has anyone left HermitCraft? ›

Most of the Hermits who joined in Season 1 never made it past ten episodes before leaving the server. By Season 3 and Season 4, the number of Hermits who left was around 20.

Who was the youngest person to join HermitCraft? ›

June. 13th June 1996 - Pearlescentmoon - 27 years old (youngest hermit!) *29th June 1959 - TinFoilChef (TFC) - 63 years old (oldest hermit!!)

Who was the first person to join HermitCraft? ›

Season 1. Generikb was one of the earliest members of Hermitcraft. He was also one of the members of the team comprised of Biffa2001, Hypnotizd, TopMass and Xisumavoid that killed the Season 1 Ender Dragon. He was known as "the Hermit of Minecraft".

Which Hermitcraft member was banned? ›

Episode 800: Three Hundred and Forty Seven Hours In

In this episode, he was charging toward Xisumavoid while Xisumavoid was building ConCorp Studios. Seeing Evil Xisuma, Xisumavoid said that he should have done this a long time ago and banned him.

Who is the admin of Hermitcraft? ›

The server is currently administered by Xisumavoid, one of the earliest members of the server. Its members, called #Hermits, are popular Minecraft players who have been recognized by other Hermits and have been invited to join.

Are Grian and Sam still friends? ›

and he had to dress up as Karu In hopes of Taurtis and Yuki didnt know He(Karu) got killed by Paul Blart,Sam, and Him. Despite those things, and many more, he used to be best friends with Sam and Taurtis, until the drama that ended with Samuel Gladiator announcing that he is no longer friends with Grian and Taurtis.

What happened to Mc Grian? ›

mc.grian.net was shut down for multiple reasons in 2018, mainly because of the monthly cost. The people who had bought something in the last 30 Days of the server being up got a refund from Grian's own money.

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What was the shortest Hermitcraft season? ›

Lasting only 187 days (6 months and 5 days), Season 8 was the shortest of Hermitcraft's vanilla seasons.

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Hermitcraft is an invite-only server: the Hermits decide who to invite.

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