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How do you think about that? Hey I'm gonna happen to be sorry about it.

I told you about my kids.

What else do you want me to tell you Tanya? Please it's not every day you're in the wrong time.

Yeah Tanya is carrying the season of that.

So sorry, if it was a blast, what are we doing things for me? It just kind of confirms that maybe you are quite safe because she's genuine, not Olivia.

Let me just meets because um Let me.

Let me just mean because outside yeah it's actually funny I'm, not sure oh she's, the worst kind of person, because she was genuinely happy yeah, but you do need to explore around the garage me.

Yeah, hey, hey, hey, even after our first shot, I was like yeah she's.

Definitely top three, oh great! That's good! Yeah! Look at this one was crying I mean, listen, ing and they'll, say the rest of tomorrow.

Yeah you ready to kiss you it's movie Nights, but okay, there's a movie like gas does because everybody said.

Let me use the popcorn that delivery fee.

Four pounds.

Can you imagine like this this? This is insane it's actually insane and the way it says one pound, but why would it setting it for one pound 70? This is actually disgusting, but anyways.

This man needs to make his money too.

Everyone is.

Everyone is hustling everyone's hospital here at this point, but anyways.

Let me not do too much kind of you guys, don't like it, but maybe not Madness guys the madness came, but it came too late.

Do you understand? Because this isn't small small half? Isn't it small small yeah, guys I, hope you guys all doing well today, back it again with another video back and again with Abigail and um subscribe to channel daily and consistent content inject it inject it, and let's get straight into this, so of course you know they want to be giving us trailer.

I'm, really calling you off today a movie night movie night literally, and we should have known better at that yeah and then tomorrow, sort of Madness, tomorrow's all the madness, tomorrow's the aftermath, that's what I find so annoying.

They lie to us because we did not need to see this date between Olivia and Maxwell, like who's Olivia pay in who's Uncle.

What nepotism in the producers- because she gets so so much air time and she is not delivering she's, not a fake I, just I'm so baffled by how much air time she gets.

She hasn't been delivering from day one.

She did nothing iconic, and this is Olivia Island at this point at this point, with an entire journey of Our Lives, it's been Olivia Island no shade to her, but I do believe that her presence in the Villa has ruined the season.

A lot.

In my opinion, I just feel like as a viewer I haven't enjoyed, seeing her on the show I feel like we need to see everybody else, but she's sharing her way too much she's very draining, and she brings the energy you can tell she brings energy down.

You can tell she carries a lot of power, so people really follows even the girls.

Everyone follows her: how the girls even Kai, was playing out how they're, interacting with him and it's different, because she's one inches and she's harassing kind she's actually harassing him.

No, if this was the other way around, we'll actually be saying we'll actually be saying coolness so much, it's the fourth time, you're, putting them to an apology that you're not getting in every single moment.

You have an issue with him.

You now want to put him to side, and he called me.

Oh my God, it's too much! It's too much! You have your mag.

Even your man was trying to reason with you about me for him even Maxwell was annoyed and I just feel, like he's he's quite patient, because I would have been annoyed from day one reasonable guys.

Why do you keep pulling all the time when I'm here? Do you not value me as a person exactly and the way she pulled them tears I'm telling you she will come quick every time if those parents it goes like her very dangerous.

You really have to watch God there, because that's the same thing she'll do with Zara before.

Remember you had all this Vim for her and then, when it comes face to face you go I like it, don't make no sense, don't start learning won't be now.

You know it's really that simple, but she wants to start it and she just want to finish it.

She keeps bringing Kai to the kai through his toes.

He was sick of him and, like I, feel like I, really like Kai yeah.

That's made me start to like yeah, because I didn't like him, he's principled he's like and I think he is I'm rightly so.

Obviously you know Tony is my new favorite I'm back in my villain, but I think he's seen the hypocrisy he's like you, girls went to do your thing.

You girls brought more mad than we did me.

I've been respectful, but if you like, one apologies for me, but none of you are telling Tanya about how she's been it's like.

None of you know anything about how she's been literally so it doesn't make any sense.

I just feel like when it comes to the girl line up, it hasn't been the week.

It's been a week, I feel like I feel, like actually literally yeah, and the girls that did have the big personalities were Iced Out by Olivia quickly.

Now Tanya I would say is the only one.

Who's actually got Vim like a personality, the rest of them girls, because living who likes to run her mouth she's, never really about it.

In the moment, no she's always very just passive, but the passive aggressive ones are the most frustrating and that's what she is and she says: she's not confrontational, but you keep pulling clients for some kind of situation and you feel like.

Oh, you want to be there to get it.

But then why are you going to tell him that he's fake? If that's not getting it you'll revitalizing issues that don't need to be there and I'm just I've? Never really at this point bringing Faith because actually no don't bring them free, but but like I'm, tired of Olivia I feel like this is Olivia Island.

We didn't see 45 minutes of her beeping Kai, then her and her day then her getting emotional, it's Olivia, Olivia, Olivia and then not even 10 minutes of movie, which is nice.

She ain't got the personality to carry it so stop doing it, and you can tell I feel sorry for the salon gotchi, because you can tell she's actually someone who probably got a personality.

I know she's been subdued and how she's handling, because she knows I've got all she's got all these girls make them so I'm glad that in that bit she was literally like.

Can we dead it now, I, don't want to hear it anymore, like I'm, seeing this guy you, girls, always trying to talk about him in front of me.

Literally am I not here.

Can you not value me I'm the only Casa go here.

Would you guys and you keep talking about how Kai is XYZ and also how Kai has feelings for Olivia or something like that is still there right in front of it? It's disrespectful Enterprise Credit, he's really trying I think, even though you know he's still probably aware that as a black man as a man of color I've got to be careful because, if I'm trying to step away every time- and you keep on trying to like aggravate me and if I do while out what's gonna happen, what's gonna happen, where am I gonna go literally make no sense and I think the word subdued is a key word of this.

Entire video I do feel sorry for Sanam, because how is she able to rotate this because if it was me, I would have wild out by now, I would have said: Olivia just go away, I want to cause more tension, and even though the girls get on with her Olivia is queen bee in that house for some reason, so queen bee the way, uh Jesse, Lana and Sammy origin around yeah and keep on trying it literally I, know the same ones.

Who'll be Jessica as well.

You like the loudest when it comes to the boys, but then the girls you keep on wanting to entertain their behavior and Jesse was saying.

Oh, the way he's treating you and stuff like this.

It's like bro just worry about Will and be quite pleased because your man will always Jesse is not genuine to me.

I stand by it still I feel like yeah I think she likes will, but I don't think she likes him as much.

She thinks she does and I think she's more irritated now that this whole thing is making them like I, just I know the more I look at her.

The more I feel like effing is a script she's very aware and she's very self-conscious.

Now that how come we're? Not the favorite, no more I think that's.

What's going to have more than anything else, it's true enough.

Yeah I feel like people coming back into love, Island again, I'm, not here.

For that it's not fat.

You know how the cameras work.

You know how the system works.

There's always going to be that element subconsciously more consciously and it will play into an effect and I find that to be annoying and even Claudia said as well.

She was like, oh, you know, will and Jesse look different or they have different posts.

You can feel it now feel it even we're feeling it exactly.

They seem a little bit distant from each other.

It's on her mind.

Is it on her mind that will may not be close.


Is it more on the mind that you know the viewers aren't feeling them anymore, I think so that's what I can give and I think she in her head, I think the dynamic she always thought, like he's lucky to have a girl like me, so that idea that he would even stray I think it's playing in her mind because she's like what the hell you've now gone straight you're, not the innocent guy I thought you were you're, not looking at not the guy's necessarily gonna.

Take me to the final: it's not like everything's playing in her mind a bit too much, and it's like you gonna make a decision.

You either stick with this guy or not, but I.

Don't wanna I, don't see any more back and forth I, don't really care enough about them.

Who do I? Actually care about now tomorrow, who don't want to really see while out no think about it? We kind of got that, but we've written that before can we react.

You know what I mean we've already gotten these two I'm not gonna lie to you.

Claudia I am Casey I'm not invested okay, but they go back yeah.

The last couple seasons have set the precedent on that, where they're just gonna come back, no matter how they beef, because they're valuing their position in the show which lent and followers and Etc than actually being genuine with couples.

So you know yeah, maybe Liberty did that thing when she left Jake and we've never seen that before, and that was quite cool and that was much later on.

Do you think that'll be Jessica's exit, Planet she'll eventually come and try and do that do a liberty yeah? Maybe you know maybe, but after she got in the trailer she was pissed with, will yeah together with Layla and everything, and that was going on.

But, like he's, he's told you about that so you're seeing it as something different which I'll get, but there was I feel like they'll solve through literally like this is what I mean like movie Nights exciting, but it can't be.

The excitement is capped because we're not actually invested in these couples.

That's where it becomes an issue where I just feel like we're, not really exactly yeah.

That's a problem when you keep on doing something because, like you said they know the formula like these things like how Casa mall was the first few years like how moving that was the first few years, they're always strong, and then when people know the formula it's like I feel like people aren't even really that worried, because they know how it's gonna go like I just feel like I, don't know how they do it, but they need to find ways to switch up honestly.

Please switch it up man because at this point, movie night's becoming outdated and I love moving like as a concept, but you can't be into these Concepts if you're not into the couples, yeah and you're, not into the people that are coming into the show.

So I don't know what producers are doing with Olivia because they know they're, like public, are not feeling that.

So why? Wouldn't they have ice that out? I, don't understand, I, don't know I feel like.

Maybe they think because of the goals, a more rotating to water, yeah and maybe because they're just more generally calm, they feel like she's, the only ones gonna, but it's not drama she's, given it's trauma.

Wouldn't you come to the screen.

I'm stressed I'm like I beg I, just want it to be done because they really gave us a movie night trailer last night, but I wanted to see Olivia for 45 minutes.

I, don't know how to do that.

This is what I'm saying I don't know if I want her to be revealed to be somebody who was not the real girls girl, and you know whatever, because I don't want to see her complaining for 25 hours a day.

Yeah she's, not gonna, drive a movie night, but I don't feel like there has to be something to make yeah I wonder if they'd show something like that.

Clipper top I feel like there has to be something for the girls to be like to see that this girl is not the one who who Who's Who.

What if Olivia was to be exposed in that way like it's not gonna.

Last, because Tanya and Zara not there.

So I really cause issues.

If she says something about Claudia or Jesse they're, all gonna, just you know, have a little girls chat and call it a day.

So I don't know, what's really going to happen, to be honest with you, I'm just glad that this guy in Olivia's situation is done because it really did not need to be dragged on for the last four days every single day you want to pull them apart.

To cause a conversation, the guy does not want to apologize like and it's so like wow, because you really brought someone in literally I.

Don't I, don't understand, I, don't understand that concept, I, don't get it and then she's upset crying and Chuck was like.

Oh, you know.

The only reason she must be crying is because how bad she feels on Max, but that wasn't why she wasn't even oh, but she was crying for what was she playing again I.

Don't know why she was crying because I think she wasn't there for her yeah and she thinks the situation she thinks the way Kai reacted to her is going to make Max not like it's the way you're acting.

That's why she can't see past herself, I feel like she's, always been cozzled and just religious girl, they're, not working out and posted I.

Don't think so he's got a lot of personality and he seems a bit younger, she's, just she's fun like even on their day.

It was just he was giving a lot of fun, so monotone like yeah, yeah, she's, not I'm, sorry, but the date in comparison to kind of on the boat.

These two were in some wood cabin I, don't know where they were I thought they were just on one part of the village.

What am I watching this is literally.

This is like Terrence part.

Two like this is all it was Shaq and Tanya going back and forth like it was it was that was entertaining tiny makes me laugh because the thing I don't give tiny is she's.

Always gonna come with him, you're only wrong, but it doesn't matter like I'm gonna.

Let you know that you won't take me for the camera's light, but Tony I just need you to just just let him have it I, don't know what leg Chuck has to stand on, though, because you took him, you took her back anyways, knowing what she was doing with Martin, so just needs to respect the dynamic.

Okay, yeah, your girl is gonna like she runs the relationship you're very in love with her I've been I, do believe.

Tanya like likes him, a lot I, don't know if it's love, but you like her more and that's okay, you're just gonna have to handle the Dynamics, because you took her back like that.

No really giving time nothing, but now you want her to.

Would you that's why? Even though she's wrong I kind of get where Tanya's Rex I told you, it is what it is.

Why are you crying now, like you took me back, you took me back bro like and the shark's upset, because the peck wasn't a long kiss and it's like bro at this point.

It doesn't really matter because they kissed, but so you could be more apologetic, but I get when she's like, but she could have started a story.

Tommy is not something, Tony would be like.

It is what it is.

I told you, but it could be like I am sorry I appreciate, seeing it, but then I also get because he's very good at just pushing on things.

It annoys you that she gets a backup yeah.

That's why I see it, but I get that her delivery can be way better than what it is I feel like she could have just been.

You know it's hard for you to see it, which is what she was saying, but these two were just going back and forth right.

It was given Phaedra Cynthia we're just going back and forth and Martin was in that corner.

Yeah I'm, happy Martin got to have his attention moment as well, because he's gone in the next few days.

So I will remember you babes yeah, that's what I remember.

At least you got a meme that everyone's using them talking about like, and he had his right to enjoy it because he's put through a lot of duress and stress exactly by these two for no reason for the last couple of days that speech that time is it I'll never get over that that was iconic.

That's why the most iconic moment of the Season Her speech, um, no I, didn't even expect that uh Tommy actually deserves yeah.

She deserves a crown for the person who's been holding holding this up the last few weeks, honestly she's the only one giving us entertainment, because it's either that or Olivia and I can't bear Olivia.

Nobody else is giving anything for entertainment, there's nothing, and while all this is going on Lana and Ron poor position making their way, they are dead to the winning position.

They're going to win this season, that's what decided now reflected on it.

It actually is bad, it's better to do the madness at the beginning, because you see how everyone was so against wrong, but as long as you do it right at the beginning, before Casa Moore, you're generally going to get your way there, like that's normally what happens or evil to be fair, how many people even don't care someone still survives well, the white ones.

Do honestly, that's not gonna work for you don't enjoy, but the white ones, the Milly alliums and all them people ciao.

They get their way there Charlie and the madness and they won.

That is crazy to me he was kissing multiple girls, child and she just that.

That was crazy.

Even post movie night and unlike an Atkinson the other day, neither one of those two had personalities.

That's what actually annoys me personally as a viewer yeah that yeah actually would have that was the same year as I actually would have like written in hindsight and I preferred Fair Teddy to win over them.

I want that yeah one of Chloe and Toby I think well.

Obviously, I wanted cousin Tyler, but I knew that they weren't gonna right I would have preferred, like the personalities, Chloe and Toby would have been better that year.

Yeah I feel like when it was between them two yeah, because it's just that just made more sense, but movie night madness.

Okay, like we got drama and stuff but I don't know.

I just feel like to me.

It's yeah not only predictable, but I feel like the couples will go back to each other.

Casey and claudi I, don't care about Jesse and will I've been having issues, but you know what other options either she's going to do.

A liberty or they're gonna go back together again.

Shaq and Tanya are doing.

You know Wimbledon, but at this point these two will get back together at this point, because Martin's going to have no other options, so Sammy and Tom have an issue as well.

Sam is obviously irritated by what Tom's doing something you already knew, what he did literally.

He said it to you and you took her back with a six times no problem and now you're angry, because you've seen it and you're not going to see it when you leave them alone.

Let these guys work for it and that's why you are where you are like: there's no like waiting for it.

There's! No, that's something! I feel like the anger for your partner, cheating or whatever is to me Captain, because you already know about it.

Seeing it is one thing but I feel like the drama is going to be short-lived.

That's what I mean it's going to end by Sunday they'll be moving on again back to Olivia Island, again all over again, and how many at this stage, how many Bombshells are they likely to bring in probably just one boy and one girl, probably that's it yeah they're, not gonna.

Do anything? How are they going to drastically shake out the villain? I mean it could be the spirit of Gregory Gregory Gregory could come in and swim in the last two weeks.

So what are we doing live? What are we doing guys like I feel like movie night was started? The idea is more intending to me than actually why that's what's become now, that's what it's become multiple entertaining, but I just feel like and Jesse was hyped tomorrow, but I just feel like it's all short-lived to me.

Yeah, like the personalities just aren't carrying it enough to do it carrying it.

I, don't know why I don't know why? Because when I think about who are the really live natural person, Tanya's got somewhat of one yeah Shaq's got somewhat of a natural.

Ron has a personality, but everyone else is very actually mellow, even kind of I like now, Jim he's more personality.

None of them are that interesting, because if Santa wasn't in the picture, I wouldn't be liking cry as much because he wouldn't have.

He doesn't have anybody else.

It's just not that interesting.

As he kind of said, I'm going to the finale because they feel like they're, going to be like this post movie now, who are going to be fine, Nothing's Gonna affect yeah people's.

This lack of Olivia and stuff is going to help.

Yeah I feel like yeah.

The way he's looking at the moment.

Well, we'll just now look he had I thought they could take the second spot, but now now I think it might be loud and run.

Then, who said I'm doing well yeah, so maybe Italian can get to third now and they both had a journey in the show and I feel like these two were overcoming because Shaq doesn't have a leg to stand on because they took her back.

You knew what she was doing.

Okay, the kiss was longer, but that's really it so you know now you want to be I, don't know like I just find it to be.

It is what it is man.

It was the class you chose a man said.

Was he not saying yesterday's episode? This is forever whatever yeah the life you've chosen.

I, don't know what we're doing, but now you're, seeing this and you're upset.

If yeah I don't want these guys to be toxic, but Shaq is almost two hours some of them.

Some anchors, both Martin and shark, can call it a liar yeah, but the way this guy was moving, it's completely minimalist, I'm, sorry, but she's, the only one carrying the last two weeks- that's like if it wasn't for this, if it wasn't for the Tanya triangle, what else I'm not watching? Yes, we're here for this, this Spirit of Tanya continue for other Seasons I feel like to the other girls move like this.

To be honest, I need them.

I need I need drama.

This is what love Island's about I'm, not here, to see Olivia and Maxwell gone to a terrorist part, two to do another date and then Sam and Tommy and Lana and Ron.

Honestly, the casting has been poor man and I said it was two more weeks.

Three I think I think it ends mid-march.

That's crazy release us from this man I feel like love, Island winter Chee, pins, yeah, love Island, like it cheapens the value of it, the second time after a really good season that it's just I, don't know what they could.

They I just feel like it's, okay, to have a few years of just to work out how you're going to redo this right and just just I think the packs are when I went.

Yeah they've asked anyways it's canceled, so we don't need that to that to return just keep it once a year because we wouldn't be actually be enjoying this mess.

We would be waiting for the summer version, because I feel, like a lot of people, are just watching this.

Just because it's awesome, literally and I think yeah.

Then you take some time really think about the casting and yeah so you're, not watching the season you're watching the hair and then here and there- and this is the like first thing ever- that I've looked like literally consistently watched.

It mainly yeah like this is I've struggled man, it's hard, so I've come here and there, but we're trying man I'm, trying we really trying Charlie.

So who do you want to win? That's how you're not serious, because I normally back the black couple through thick and thin Indian Debbie I was every day I'm saying it for a while I'm saying it out loud, but I'm, not even convinced I'm screaming I'm, actually screaming I would say, but I'll be fine if London wrong take it.

This is one of the most personal isn't, even because I wouldn't say: Lana has personality, but there's a couple that I feel like I have some chemistry that I care enough.

I like that I, don't not like Tom I'm, just very blah to him I kind of like the Sami girl, but I, don't care about them as a couple yeah I liked her until she took to him back like yeah.

That's what I was like in terms of invested in a couple I'm, not investing in any of them.

It'd be shock and Tanya and it'll be Ron and Lana they're, the ones I'll be.

Finally, in the final two and then yeah, if it takes it, takes it if it takes, it takes it last time.

My thoughts are when it comes to this review, guys subscriber Channel click that button comment down below.

Do you guys agree or disagree check out Abigail's credentials in the bio below? Please let us know in the comments on the shack and Tanya mess.

Did you guys, like movie night? Did you guys we wasn't giving what it needed to give thoughts on this Olivia's love as well.

Cynthia came out to speak about Olivia I did a quick video on it.

Oh yeah! Maybe this really.

You know what I just hope.

All the casa, more girls come with them in the Union.

What else could we dinner Justin at the castle? Girls had the personality as well, they did, they were so close and they got dragged back like like Cynthia was like when they're reading comments.

We're going to see you really made us think we were going to get severe in that house.

Oh Claudia, when these are not gonna, make it at this point just bring some of the customer just for violence, I'll just start bringing them all in right.

Please, because I feel like it's just tiny community, so much as a villain, because I know the masses, don't like her yeah and they're, like they're, just going to be upset with the way she's moving chart, but when it was Toby, everybody was cheering literally Toby.

It was jokes herself.

Nowhere last minute it was fine, was doing all Madness.

We let her win because we love her but I'm.

Just saying Liam Liam, one of them Liam Liam Liam, was in the most and Liam until we won the same season.

Literally, both of them were Reckless same with.

Fame was ready to fight Teddy all these offcome, but she was still second, but it's time yeah, you don't want to trouble.

Let Tanya also be villain.

Do you know what I mean the way Faye was doing the most child, the most often complaints and she came second, she came third, she came third in the show.

I think oh we're Chloe and Toby came second in it.

Yeah yeah, all of a sudden from That season is everyone done now.

Couples are finished, but faint Teddy thing.

Okay, well he's deleted pictures and you know she's trying shade it.

Just obviously it's unfortunate and they both followed each other as well, so they did well to last as long as they did to be honest, yeah I feel like they did.

The last the longest last couple series Benny was that how your thoughts are when it comes to this and we will catch you guys soon for another review.


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Where is Shaq from Love Island now? ›

The iconic ITV2 dating series has found a new home in Cape Town, South Africa, and has already seen some relationships blossom, as well as some drama unfold. Shaq has already developed a strong bond with co-star Tanya Manhenga, but who is Shaq Muhammad, how old is he and what does he do?

Why didn t Shaq and Tanya win? ›

The couple seemed to have paved their way to the finals, but the Casa Amor test proved too stiff for them to overcome, at least for Tanya. At the recent recoupling ceremony, Tanya left Shaq heartbroken after she coupled up with Casa Amor boy Martin Akinola.

Do they get their hair and makeup done on Love Island? ›

You might wonder why the islanders are so meticulous about their packing: Isn't there help behind the scenes to make sure they look naturally hot 24/7? A TikTok that's been floating around since summer 2022 seems to confirm that there is, in fact, a makeup and hair team on set.

Do the girls get their hair done on Love Island? ›

ITV also confirmed reports, admitting to Bustle that they do get access to hair and beauty treatments but not every single day. "Most of the time they do their own but on occasion, they have hair or beauty treatments (usually inside the villa)”, they fessed.

How old is tanya in Love Island 2023? ›

Biomedical science student Tanya is 23-years-old. She was 22 when she joined the show, but celebrated her 23rd birthday while in the villa on 31st January.

What surgery have Love Island girls had? ›

This procedure can involve cheek filler, lip filler, jaw filler and Botox. At the same clinic, Tanyel had a chin fat dissolving procedure, which has been estimated to cost around £1,000. Permanent makeup can cost around £500 per procedure, with Tanyel having three of these done before the villa.

What nationality is Tania from Love Island? ›

Tanya Manhenga is from Liverpool and she postponed her studies to compete on Love Island UK 2023. She is originally from Zimbabwe. Publicly available information does not state whether she migrated to the United Kingdom from Zimbabwe or if she was born in the UK.

Who is Shaquille Tiny girlfriend? ›

At 7 feet 2 inches, Shaquille O'Neal towers over his 5 foot 2 inch girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander.

Is Evelyn sleeping with Shaq? ›

On the most recent episode, we saw the first part of the confrontation, and now viewers want to know which ex, Shaquille O'Neal or Marlon Yates Jr.? Now, to be clear, Evelyn has been adamant that she did no such thing at all. She's so close to Shaunie that Ev says she would never do that to her friend.

What did Shaq buy his mom? ›

After battling poverty for years, the “Diesel” finally had a chance to give back to her mom earlier in his career with the Orlando Magic. Shaq bought Lucille O'Neal a house that was worth $1 million. He called it an “affordable mistake.”

What happened to Tanya's husband? ›

Tanya's husband, Greg (Jon Gries), is still alive after trying to orchestrate her death in Italy in a power move to inherent her fortune.

What did Tanya see in the photo? ›

After a night of partying and a cocaine-fueled romp with another man, Niccoló (Stefano Gianino), Tanya came upon a picture of a young Greg and Quentin, which was the first clue that pointed viewers to the theory that Greg and Quentin were carrying out an extortion plot so Greg could divorce Tanya over an affair, which ...

Why did Tanya jump off the boat? ›

In an attempt to escape the scene of the crime, Tanya jumps off the yacht's high deck to try to reach a smaller boat below. But she misses, and instead hits her head on the edge of the vessel, before drowning the ocean.

Why is Greg being mean to Tanya? ›

Greg's anger when insisting Tanya get rid of Portia felt out of place. He married a woman who, mid-make-out, panicked and tried forcing him to take her mother's ashes. Greg knows who he married, so his needy wife wanting her assistant available on their vacation should be something he's used to.

How old is Olivia on Love Island? ›

Joining them is 27-year-old ring girl and actor Olivia Hawkins. Olivia can be seen in the background of Daniel Craig's final James Bond film, No Time to Die.

Who is the youngest Love Island contestant? ›

The youngest Islander is Amelia Peters, who was 18 years old when she took part in the third series, whereas the oldest Islanders are Jordan Ring, Marcel Somerville and Paul Knops, all of whom were 31 years old when they entered the villa in series 1, 3 and 4, respectively.

What does Shaq from Love Island do? ›

Shaq Muhammad is a 24-years old airport security officer from London, who took part in the ninth season of Love Island UK.

Who is Tanya in love with? ›

Following their time on the show, Shaq and Tanya have gone from strength to strength since making their relationship official. The couple recently celebrated a big milestone, celebrating Shaq's 25th birthday with a romantic getaway together.

Does Tanya get dumped from Love Island? ›

Explaining how he felt about Tanya's brutal dumping, Martin continued: “She followed her heart – which was fair enough – but she went about it the wrong way. “That's what I had a problem with. I felt like I needed to know before her little speech at the bridge.

How did Tanya and Greg get together? ›

Tanya first meets Greg when he's “accidentally” trying to get into her room, and despite her acting like a literal lunatic at every turn, not only do they hook up, they end up married by the time we see them next in season 2.

Where is Tanya from Love Island 2023? ›

What is Tanya Manhenga's age and where is she from? Tanya Manhenga is 22-years-old and is from Liverpool. Her accent has already caused quite a few flirty comments in the villa has potential love interests enjoy her voice.

What did Martin say about Tanya after Love Island? ›

The Casa Amor bombshell was dumped during Friday night's ITV2 episode after Tanya decided to run back to Shaq in a dramatic recoupling as she tried to rekindle their relationship. In an interview after leaving, Martin said: "Genuinely, I think Shaq might be in love with her. But I don't think she's in love with him."

What happened to Tanya in the end? ›

Tanya dies by falling over the side of the yacht and hitting her head on the dinghy. Did she not see the ladder? Tanya didn't notice! Mike White thinks it's very funny that I can handle big things, but a little thing will be my demise.

What happened with Martin and Tanya? ›

During Casa Amor, Tanya and bombshell Martin coupled up despite Tanya telling Shaq she loved him days prior. Their relationship left Shaq heartbroken but it wasn't long before they reconciled and Martin was dumped from the villa.

Do Greg and Tanya have a prenup? ›

Based on his suspicious behavior, Tanya becomes worried. She reveals that she made Greg sign a prenup, which would prevent him from getting any of her riches if they were to divorce. A prenup, short for prenuptial agreement, is a legal contract made between two individuals before they get married.

Has any Love Island couples lasted? ›

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, 2019

Perhaps the most famous couple to emerge from Love Island, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are still together four years after their series ended. They moved in together in 2019 and, earlier this year, welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Bambi.

Did Shaq get back with his ex wife? ›

In 2011, Shaquille O'Neal divorced Shaunie after nine years of conjugal life. But, last year, Shaunie found love once again and married Pastor Keion Henderson. Despite his ex-wife moving on, O'Neal, regrets the divorce and feels remorse about the situation.

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